The iPhone device can be used without the owner’s consent

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iPhone device

Experts associated with digital security have warned that Apple company iPhones have a flaw that allows the phone to be used without the owner’s consent.

Apple’s text messaging application ‘I Message’ has found six errors, not one of which has been removed yet, said staff searching for bugs in various Google operating systems.

The second issue is that the iPhone’s error is ‘irrelevant’ which means that the user of the iPhone does not have to do anything to allow the other person to take advantage of the error on the phone.

Experts warn that hackers can not only see user files but also completely corrupt the phone system due to malfunctions in the iPhone. iPhone device

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iphone x

iPhone errors were discovered under Google’s Project Zero program. This program includes security analysts who look for serious flaws in various software before hackers. The mobile phone makers are then given 90 days’ time before the problem is publicized.

The flaws in mobile phones can be taken advantage of in various ways, including accessing files remotely and stopping the phone from functioning altogether.iPhone device

Last week, the iPhone’s five bugs were updated by updating its operating system 12.4, but the holiday alleged error has not been fixed yet. This error will not be disclosed by Google until the Apple Company’s 90th term. iPhone device


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