iPhone 11 pro comes with several new and nice options for its users, iPhone photographers. one in every of those new options is that the night mode of the iPhone that permits you to capture nice photos in low brightness.

If you have been following and reading the journal within the past, you recognize that night photography with iPhone is significant to my work.

In this review, I compare the results of the night camera mode with iOS13 on AN iPhone 11 pro with the results I buy from the professional Camera low brightness modes. I visited a widely known place of photography here in national capital for this check. it’s the Church of Charles, that is mostly visit and that was poorly lit. Today, I used to be not enlightened the least bit, therefore the check conditions are good.

For starters, here is that the scene I want to check with night mode of camera with prolonged exposure. Pretty low brightness, right?

Let’s begin with the iPhone night mode.

How to alter night mode on iPhone 11

Night mode for iPhone solely works on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro and is just out there within the iPhone camera application. As presently because the iPhone detects a scene in low brightness, it shows a replacement icon within the higher left corner that appears sort of a moon.

Second, the night mode of the iPhone solely works with the 1x lens. As presently as you turn to the zero.5x or 2x optical lens, you’ll not see the icon and thus cannot alter it.

Once you hit the moon icon, you’ll see a fast dial of the shutter within the lower toolbar. The camera application mechanically suggests an exposure time which will modify your feelings. Throughout my experiments, I used to be able to get an excellent exposure time of twenty-eight seconds in extremely dark scenes.

Sample image capture on the iPhone night mode camera

So, here could be an image capture on the iPhone night camera mode. it’s an equivalent scene that I showed on top of extremely spectacular.

I applied some changes to the image, primarily perspective correction and a few brightness changes. I failed to use the other application to edit the image.

For those photos and therefore the iPhone night camera mode, you’ll would like a stand (tripod stand). The iPhone can have an exposure of something between 1-28 seconds looking on the scene. If you’ll be able to keep your camera still for thus long, congratulations!

Comparison of iPhone night camera mode with low-light professional Camera modes

Here could be an image of an equivalent scene I took an equivalent day mistreatment the professional Camera low brightness modes. I applied precisely the same situation with an equivalent intensity to the present image capture on professional Camera than to the opposite one capture on night mode.

The first distinction you’ll notice is that the iPhone night mode image is perceptibly hotter than the one I took with professional Camera. however, which could be adjustable latter easily.

The second is that the night mode camera for iPhone solely works with the 1x lens, whereas the professional Camera low brightness modes work with the 3 lenses of the iPhone 11 professional.

If you do not have the professional Camera low brightness modes and need to require a camera lens image of a scene at midnight, you’ll still would like a fisheye lens just like the Moment fisheye lens I have been mistreatment for years. thus, do not abandon that lens, yet.


I was completely shocked by the image quality and details of the iPhone’s night camera mode. During a 100% cut from facet to facet, I noticed  that the iPhone night camera mode highlights the small print a bit higher than the professional Camera Low brightness mode. Scrutinize the pillar. camera for iphone 11

So, this is often a triumph for night mode. Next, let’s inspect the noise, which, by the way, is inevitable if you shoot at midnight.


Noise in night photos with iPhone is inevitable. Several applications tend to use automatic noise reduction to those photos, which regularly ends up in loss of detail. This is often why I opt to shoot in RAW whenever probable.

Adobe Lightroom mobile has a wonderful noise reduction tool that helps you discover the proper balance between noise reduction whereas conserving details.

Let’s take a glance at the noise of the photos of the iOS stock camera application in night mode compared to professional Camera with low brightness modes.

In my opinion, each shows an equivalent quantity of noise. however, as you’ll be able to see within the cropped photos on top of, that’s barely noticeable and might be fastened, for instance, in Lightroom Mobile (and to some extent with the iOS thirteen image application, that encompasses a new noise reduction tool) camera for iphone 11

One last word concerning noise. Of course, I tend to avoid noise, and that I typically solve it in Lightroom mobile to some extent. however, and this is often my recommendation, aren’t getting passionate about noise. constituent voyeurs can continually realize noise during an image. My position is: details 1st, noise second; or I like better to highly choose more details during an image with some noise than less detail and while not noise.

Handheld vs. Tripod

You need to use a rack once shooting with the iPhone night mode within the original iOS camera application. I even have tried some hand shots with long exposure times of one and a couple of seconds. unneeded to mention, all of them went bleary.

I see a bonus for professional Camera low brightness modes here. Mistreatment that mode in low brightness conditions, you’ll be able to get wonderful results even while not a rack. It extremely depends on how much dark the scene is. camera for iphone 11

Conclusion and Recommendation

The iPhone night mode camera wins in terms of details within the captured image. As for noise, it’s a link between iPhone night mode and professional Camera low brightness mode. But night mode will solely be used with the 1x lens of the iPhone 11 professional and needs a stand.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Professional Camera low brightness mode, on the opposite hand, supports the 3 lenses of the iPhone 11 professional. that might eliminate the requirement for a separate iPhone lens, and you’ll be able to get some good ends up in low-light scenes even while with no stand. However, capture a bit less detail. camera for iphone 11

Then, from currently on, I’ll use the subsequent settings:

• As I did within the past, I’ll film RAW with the professional camera application in manual mode for all scenes with medium to “slightly dark” brightness. That is all I will shoot with a shutter speed of up to one second and ISO eighty.

• For darker scenes, I’ll switch to iPhone night mode and a stand and continue using the instant Wide lens if I want a fisheye lens.

• If I do not have a stand (or the instant Wide Lens) with me, I’ll switch to professional Camera low brightness modes.

Of course, your mileage could vary. Notwithstanding the route you decide on, remember a tripod!

I will take some a lot of sample photos using the iPhone night mode within the upcoming weeks and transfer them here. If you do not wish to lose that opportunity, then watch such pictures on Facebook or Twitter, thus you do not miss the update.

And now, let’s take fantastic photos at midnight with the iPhone along.

camera for iphone 11


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