A Backlink (in some parts called “Backlink”) is a link that a website obtains from another website. Backlinks in the prominence of a website in the search engine results. For this reason they are considered very useful to improve the SEO ranking of a website. Search engines calculate rankings using different factors to display search results. Nobody knows with certainty how much weight they give to the search engines to the Backlinks to determine locations, however, what is understood is that they are very important. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

Backlinks, on the other hand, must be natural. This means that a website should not use artificial forms (toxic links) to create Backlinks for your benefit.


Understanding what the term Backlinks means when it comes to SEO and why they are important, now let’s take into account some simple techniques to acquire new Backlinks. An important fact that should be taken into account about Backlinks SEO is that it is not the number of Backlinks what matters, but the quality of them. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

There are 2 types of Backlinks or external links

BackLinks “Do Follow”

This type of links – for me the most valuable – have a great weight in improving the web positioning of a page, since they transmit part of the authority of the source page to the destination. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

By establishing this type of link we are creating relationships with other websites and we are making it easier for Google search engine to more easily identify the theme of our website content IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

BackLinks “No Follow”

Although the Backlinks No Follow are characterized by not transmitting the authority from one page to another, these types of links are more than necessary for SEO because they provide traffic and balance between the Do Follow ”and No Follow.

Important: Google does not like artificial links and if it detects that it has a majority of Do Follow links, it is likely to impose penalties that will affect SEO. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

What are some of them – I share 5- of the ways to get quality Backlinks?

Through Social Media Tools

There are a lot of tools and social media pages with which you can get Do follow links and with great image and authority. The more Social Networks the better, to place links to the site from networks of high authority and quality. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all these networks may contain a Backlink, sometimes Follow, sometimes No Follow, to your page.

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Create valuable Content

It seems very obvious, but it is not. If valuable content is made that solves problems and allows to deepen in certain areas, surely other websites will be linked naturally. Obviously, they should know in advance – the metrics help them – determine what their audience is looking for to offer them quality content that interests them. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO In the agency – and I recommend them to do so – we leave nothing to improvisation and plan each of the posts we publish in time. You will see the difference and the consumer will see with greater interest the quality of the content.

Locate Quality Forums and Directories

In the network there are many forums and directories, but not all are valid to place a Backlink to your page, much less. In fact, quality directories and forums are the least, but they exist.

You more than anyone know in which sector your website or blog is located to search for specific sites with a good reputation where to place links. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

Replicating Your Competitors Backlinks

It is the easiest way to get Backlinks. The strategy analyze other competitors that are well positioned in Google and review the links they have. And we do the same, that is, replicate those links. You will see how in a short time, the site in the Google search engine starts to rise in positions. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

To analyze the competition there are 2 recommended tools: Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

Wikipedia Links

Anyone with internet access can contribute material on Wikipedia, since it is an open source system. And you should never miss the opportunity to create a Backlink on one of the most authoritative websites. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO

Therefore, look for an article that is incomplete and can be improved by adding new information. Then, add relevant information along with a referral link.


Getting Backlinks that point to our website is a long process that requires a lot of patience, research and dissemination. The creativity , dedication and, above all, the strategy should also be involved, since they are the basic ingredients that lead to generate high quality backlinks and perhaps at high volume. IMPROVE WEBSITE SEO


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