There are 3 main ways to earn money (known as ISK) in the online Eve game. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK

• Mining

• Missions

• Production

There are, of course, many other ways to earn ISK; However, these three are the easiest to start and allow relative novices to start earning decent amounts of ISK quickly and, therefore, can upgrade and equip their ship faster than simply looting and recovering pirate rewards. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK


The first method is mining. It is as simple as it seems, when you go through the beginner level missions, you will receive some basic mining equipment, updating them as soon as possible and obtaining some load retention extenders that will allow you to earn extra ISK in a timely fashion, and soon you can Upgrade your ship to a completely new class. If you are very new, getting into a mining ship can be prohibitive to start with, so stay with a frigate, invest in as many cargo extenders as you can and train in mining. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK Once you have expanded your cargo hold to maintain maximum, obtaining a more efficient mining laser (or two or three) would be your next step. Meanwhile, training in mining skills to enable you to improve your refining skills, breaks down the ore you extract into more valuable sub components, each of which can be sold at much higher prices than the raw ore you have mined.

The second method is Missions. Some pilots believe that flying a single ship with mining loads and missions is perfectly acceptable; However, it is generally better to have a ship dedicated to mining and another for combat. This way, you don’t have any missile guns or slots occupied by mining lasers, which in a fight are almost useless. In addition, if you end up losing your ship in combat, you also run the risk of losing your cargo, including the valuable raw mineral that you extracted. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK

When equipping your mission ship, keep in mind that each race has strengths and weaknesses, and when you fight pirates or take on agent missions, you should know what are the best weapon systems that work best against each faction. Is it better to equip high-explosion missiles? Or do rail cannons work better? EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK Are your objectives vulnerable to electronic interference or kinetic, thermal or electrical damage? Each faction has a weakness that if it loads its weaponry and defenses correctly, it can explode to its maximum advantage and dominate in combat.

No matter the faction, recovery is critical for any good fighter pilot, as it can dramatically increase the ISK won for each mission. Not only do you get the reward for destroying the enemy ships and the payment of the mission, but the items looted and rescued from the wrecks that remain can easily be worth twice the payment of the mission, or more. If you face 15 pirates on a mission and are able to save the remains, you can usually resell the damaged components to other players or refine the remains materials to obtain less common materials that can demand a high price in the open market, generating pure benefit. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK


The final strategy to win ISK is through the production of items. By training in production skills and by buying or generating plans for new components, you can earn 20 times the investment, depending on the item and the market. It may take a little longer to prepare for production, with the need to produce raw materials (from mining or refining) or buy them, or train enough skills to be able to produce the equipment, but the time spent can be easy to be compensated in ISK won.

Do not worry about not being able to make the most important items first, when your new in production, ammo is usually the best way to start. It is always in demand, it is quite cheap to manufacture and its benefit / expense ratio is very low. Raw materials for some ammunition planes may sometimes require only 2 or 3 types of materials, which makes a mining / production pilot very economical. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK Not only would you be making money selling raw materials, but by retaining a percentage for yourself, you can easily generate enough product to double your daily intake in a matter of hours using this method, compared to the strictly use only of mining or production.

If you want a higher profit margin while trying to keep costs down, higher-level ammunition charges are also in great demand. Producing plutonium-loaded projectiles, or nuclear weapons projectiles, can be very expensive / projectile, however, by refining the raw materials yourself when harvesting the appropriate asteroids, you can reduce your expenses to almost zero and only worry about the time spent, not by the ISK

These are just some of the options available to earn hundreds of thousands of ISKs per hour or more. Some other strategies, such as freight transport, arbitration trade (intermediary), exploration or mercenary work (bounty hunters) are also very profitable, however, they usually require more experience or a small team to be profitable. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK

Following the three basic strategies described above is your best bet to generate a sufficient amount of bank funds to start, from there you can explore other options and establish connections for future companies.

As a general scheme, the information provided will help you start your way; However, if you feel you want more detailed explanations for each section, or want to know more about the other strategies to win ISK, then a downloadable guide would be the best. . For a small investment, you can learn hundreds of secrets from some of the best players, who earn millions of ISK daily. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK

However, finding a good guide can be almost as difficult as winning the ISK game itself, therefore, your best option is to look for references from those who have used the chaperons and let them do the complete task for you. Learn from your experience and use skills to your advantage. EVE ONLINE GUIDE ISK


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