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Today, including social networks in its digital strategy has become indispensable. Find out why now.

For some time now, you’ve been hearing that it’s essential to include social networking in your web strategy. But do you really know what benefits they will have on your business?

I propose immediately to see the 15 reasons to include social networks in your digital strategy.

1. Make yourself known

Social networks are a real springboard to develop your visibility on the web and therefore your notoriety. It’s a way for you to become known to your suppliers, partners, competitors and especially your future customers using the principle of virality of information.

2. Improve your SEO

In recent years, we have been talking about Social Media Optimization (SMO) or optimization for social media.

Come on, a little definition. The SMO is a set of techniques that can attract visitors to the contents of your website through the promotion of these via social networks. Purpose, the social referencing favors the traffic and the natural referencing which makes it possible to improve your visibility on the search engines

3. Conquer new customers and retain current ones

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others is a good way to diversify and increase your sources of customer acquisition. They are therefore a tool to use for your commercial prospection but also in your approach of loyalty of your customers.

4. A fashion effect that has become obligatory

Communicating on social media can satisfy the craze for these. A few years ago, social networks were a fad. Now they are a means of communication in their own right. Today, who does not use Facebook or Twitter? Many people and companies use social media in both personal and professional phases. It depends on your target it is necessary to choose your social media and adapt your message. You must therefore do a preparatory work to determine your personas.

5. Instant communication

Another advantage of social media is to forward your messages in real time (be careful about what you write). I advise you to establish a calendar of your publications. To help you in the programming of these, management tools like Hootsuite have emerged (tool that we use within the agency). Free versions exist but they are nevertheless limited (like everything that is free I want to say). For a more professional use, count at least a hundred euros in the year for a basic package.

6. Large-scale communication

By communicating on social media, you will reach an audience across a wide geographical area both in France and around the world (if this is part of your goals of course).

7. Low cost communication

Unlike offline media such as television, radio, the press … or paid search on Google Adwords, publishing on social networks is free.

After, you can also decide to advertise with Facebook Ads but it has a cost, of course.

I just want to draw your attention to the fact that it is important to communicate regularly on social networks with powerful messages that are of interest to your readers. It takes time. It may be advisable to recruit a community manager, to call in an external communication expert or simply to acquire skills in this area.

8. Manage your reputation

Another advantage of networks is the ability to regulate and improve online reputation. Internet users give more and more their opinions on the products and services they use. For many companies, having a good image on the web is a key issue.

9. Create a community

Being present on social networks allows you to design a community and I would even say more to develop engagement with it. You must always keep in mind to keep your current “fans” but also to win new ones. By publishing interesting and original contents that appeal to your readers, they will want to like, to comment, even to share your publications. They can also contact you and interact with you. The development work of a community is too long so prepare yourself with patience before reaching the thousands of fans on the social media.

10. Get to know your customers

Get to know your customers

With the social networks, you establish a certain proximity with your interlocutors by creating privileged relations with them and above all that means that it is a way for you to know them better by asking them questions, by proposing them quizzes.

11. Gaining responsiveness

Communicating with your customers, partners or suppliers makes you more efficient and quicker. And above all, thanks to your watch actions, you can be responsive to what your competitors do in terms of marketing actions.

12. Give importance to your activity

Being present on social networks values ​​your expertise and gives credibility to your company while making it more human. Internet users will have more confidence in you.

13. Highlight your news

Social networks are an ideal marketing tool to communicate on your news especially in times of commercial operations: promotions, sales, end of stock … Web users are fond of good deals on the web they do not hesitate to share. Your fans will also appreciate knowing your new products or services from your company.

14. A tool related to your blog

A tool related to your blog

Once you have written and published the article on your blog, you must share it regularly on social media networks. You will certainly tell me that you are going to tire your readers with the same content. Well, I say no! Remove this idea from your head. You should know that when you publish on social media, all of your potential targets are not necessarily present at time T hence the interest of relaying your articles several times on the networks. Small advice: vary all the same the day and the hour of your republications.

15. Generate traffic to your Website

Sharing articles on the networks will bring you visits to your blog. In addition to these sharing, creating interesting content on social media networks is a source of gaining additional traffic to your website.

Now you see that including social media in your digital marketing strategy has many benefits in today’s digital era. Admittedly, it is a long work that will not immediately bear fruit, but in the medium term you can easily measure the returns. social media

And of course, you always have the opportunity to be accompanied by a web professional. So ready to start?

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