Does anyone else have your best password? It has become possible for Internet users to know the truth in 2022

Internet users

Google has announced two new steps to secure the Internet on International Day of Secure Internet, whereby it can be notified about the security of your password.  Internet users

It will be comforting to know that Google has begun taking steps to secure pas swords and usernames on the Internet, initially introducing account protection and password checkup procedures. Have been made.

Whatever security measures are taken on the Internet, but when logged in with a Google Account, they become inadequate, but now Google has introduced a new method called cross account protection, which allows Google account secure will be done.

The second method will be used by the Chrome browser on the desktop, and is actually an extension of Chrome itself, making it possible to find out if your password is being used anywhere else. The way to use it is that when Chrome is installed and you enter your data into it, Google immediately checks if this information is being used elsewhere, if so Google Chrome issues a warning, which allows you to change your password.

Internet users

Many people store their most sensitive information such as their credit card details, their bank account, and online banking records in their Google account, and all of these things can be possible if the password is not secure. Now that you use any site or application using the new method introduced by Google, Google itself will tell you if your account password is hacked. Internet users

This feature has been created in collaboration with the Internet Engineering Task Force, Adobe and OpenID Information. Internet users

Everywhere on the Internet, we need usernames and passwords.

Between social networks, e-mail addresses, bank accounts, e-commerce sites, and many others, we must remember a growing number of usernames and passwords.

I propose with this article to take stock of the mistakes not to commit, and give you some tips to create a good password and especially to remember easily.

Passwords are requested everywhere. It is sometimes difficult to remember a lot and one is then tempted by practices that can be dangerous. Here is what you should not do:

Put a password too short

With less than 6 characters, some software can find your password in less than a few minutes. Internet users

Use only one type of characters: this limits the number of possibilities

Like using only numbers, for example
Password 1234 is widely used in the world. He is also one of the most cracked.

Make a password from easy-to-remember personal information

Use personal information, such as the date of birth, the first name of the children or the name of the dog is to proscribe. Internet users

Type a sequence of characters on the keyboard

Indeed, the password “AZERTY” is one of the most used in France. It’s easy to remember, but it’s also very easy to find.

Use a single password for all its accesses

If someone who is malicious finds your password, he can access all of your information.
Worse, he can impersonate your identity on the Internet (pretending to be yours). And eventually messing up your reputation or sending messages on your behalf.

Some tips for creating a good password

We have more and more passwords to access Internet accounts or profiles: e-mails, Facebook, AccèsD … Moreover, it is better not to use the same password for all your services. to have different ones. Thus, if someone succeeds in having your access, not all your services will be affected. Internet users

A good password should ideally consist of 3 elements: letters, numbers and special characters. With a combination of this kind, it’s almost impossible for a scammer to guess it and it will take trillions of attempts for software before cracking your password.

Studies in support


A 2013 study by Deloitte revealed that 90% of passwords used to secure access to a bank account, an email box or a profile on a social network are vulnerable because of their repetition.

It is estimated that 79% of Internet users use the same 500 most common passwords.

The problem is that several different users use the same or almost the same password and, in addition, that this password is used for several different services.

The most common passwords are the names of family members combined with dates of birth, information that is very easy to obtain on social networks by hackers, who then, through programs, massively introduce series of words. passwords, until you find the right combination. Internet users

The report also notes that passwords created on mobile devices tend to be less secure than those created on a computer, due to the difference in accessibility to special characters. It takes 4 to 5 seconds to type a secure password on a desktop computer, as opposed to 7 to 30 seconds on a touch screen.  Internet users

No safe password ideas?

There are password generators that suggest you according to your preferences. Here is one in French that even allows to indicate the number of characters that must contain the access code.

Internet users


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