Skin, muscle, bone and fat are four major components of a human face. As a person ages, volume loss in these four structural components results in ageing symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, frown lines, etc.

There was a time when people do not pay attention to their looks and these tell-tale ageing symptoms. But now the time has changed.

Taking cosmetic or aesthetic treatments for reversing ageing symptoms has no more remained a hush-hush issue.

People are ready to undertake several anti ageing treatment right from natural, surgical to non-surgical to get the beautiful and young-looking skin. A few times back, Botox was rated as one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments.

Right from a common man, woman to celebrities is considering the procedure for wrinkle-free skin. But now, dermal fillers are in the trend for restoring a youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers can be very useful in those with the early signs of ageing, or as a value-added part of the treatment called facial rejuvenation surgery.

They are a perfectly safe method, provided you have done your homework well and go to a reputable clinic. If you are curious about fillers, below are outlined the things to know before getting pumped up.

What are Dermal Fillers?


An injectable anti-ageing treatment, dermal fillers injected beneath the facial skin to enhance facial contours. Also known as wrinkle fillers, these fillers address innumerable ageing issues at one go.

Some of those issues are:

  • Smoothing out lines around the mouth and the nose
  • Diminishing vertical lip lines
  • Restoring volume to temples or sunken cheeks
  • Smoothing out a chin crease
  • Improving overall symmetry of facial features

It is a popular facial rejuvenation method that results in younger and wrinkle-free skin without any surgery and downtime.

Different Types of Dermal Fillers

FDA approves a variety of fillers for treating ageing symptoms. Some fillers are natural whereas some are synthetic.

Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium Hydroxylapatite are natural fillers whereas polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is synthetic filler.

Natural fillers contain those substances that are naturally present in our skin. Juvederm and Restylane are the top brands in the natural filler category. These fillers are gel-like substances, keep skin hydrated and plump and results usually last for 6-12 months.

Amongst them, Hyaluronic acid is one of the top-rated dermal fillers in the market with excellent results.

Interesting Facts Associated with Dermal Fillers

Natural Fillers are Extremely Effective: Most of the cosmetic surgeons prefer using natural fillers as a preferred anti-ageing treatment. Unlike Botox that paralyzes wrinkles causing muscles, these fillers moisture the skin, replenish the production of natural hyaluronic acid (HA) and give a youthful appearance.

The fillers are safe to use and show better results than synthetic fillers. Another point favouring the popularity of natural fillers is the results remain visible for three-six months.

Different Fillers used for Different Purposes: Each injectable filler has a unique composition, density, texture and injection depth. This is one of the main reasons that not all fillers are right for addressing different kinds of ageing symptoms. anti ageing

For instance, natural fillers work best for smoothing under the eye area, marionette lines, plumping the skin and filling acne scars. On the other hand, synthetic fillers show ideal results for softening nasolabial folds and smoothing vertical lip lines.

All Dermal Fillers Show Temporary Results: All injectables fillers provide temporary relief from ageing symptoms.depending upon the brand and the area where it is injected, the results usually last for 5-18 months. anti ageing

If a person combines dermal fillers with Botox treatment, the duration of the result extends further.

Not Meant for the Face Only: Besides cheeks, hollow areas under the eyes and jawline structure, these fillers are common to use for hiding veins and smoothing out wrinkles on the handsanti ageing

Stimulating Collagen Production: Fine lines and wrinkles signify the depleting levels of collagen production in the body. Many dermal fillers help in stimulating the production of the natural protein, collagen, of the skin. This results in restoring youthful facial appearance. anti ageing

Equally Popular in Males: A surprising fact is of late, males are undergoing injectables treatments more than females. To get a refreshing and chiselled look, males are increasingly opting for non-HA fillers that help in restoring younger-looking skin. anti ageing

The Perfect Time to Take Anti-Ageing Treatment

Who can tell you that it is the right age to take anti-ageing treatment? How you do decide whether or not take the dermal fillers? If these questions baffling you, then perhaps it is the right time to visit a well-established clinic offering a range of anti-ageing symptoms. Because every person has different skin and needs to treat uniquely, therefore only a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon can answer your queries satisfactorily.

10 Years Challenge of Anti Ageing Treatment

Clinic Dermatech offering 10 years younger look challenge in Just 72 hours and getting positive reviews from both national and international clients who have undergone anti-ageing treatments.

A team of experienced surgeons, using modern technology and warm hospitality are three factors on which the Delhi based clinic score extremely well. So, if you think that the time has come to join the bandwagon of ageing, then age gracefully without losing your self-confidence and self-esteem. anti ageing


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