Making money isn’t just about the paycheck. Although it often seems otherwise, working for a living doesn’t have to be boring! Lot’s of fun activities have great earning potential. earn money in 2022

But, a job is still a job. No matter how fun it is, it always takes dedication and hard work to succeed. One of the best parts of most fun jobs is that they are flexible. You get to work when you want and how much you want. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Here are some fun activities you can turn into a career. If you like one of them, you can turn it into a side hustle first and then grow it into a proper business.

Travel Consultant

If you find yourself constantly browsing Wikitravel and searching for airfare sales, why not cash in on the knowledge you have acquired? As a private travel agent, you can carve out a niche for yourself. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Everyone wants to go to Hawaii or France, so, to differentiate yourself, you can offer something new. For instance, you can send your clients to obscure and fun destinations like the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines.

Start off with family and friends. Show them that you’re the person to talk to if they need amazing activity recommendations and cheap flights. Make a couple of your friends happy, and then start asking for referrals. You can also use social media networks to promote destinations and find new clients. You don’t need to invest time in creating great pics. Chances are, someone has already done that. You just need to get them and post them on the biggest wanderlust platform—Instagram, along with your unique and quirky offer. Such social media networks are perfect for travel consultants. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Perhaps you already live in a fun and obscure place that could be the next big tourist destination. If you enjoy mingling with folks and know your town like the back of your hand, show visitors what hidden gems they’ve been missing out on.

Whether it’s hipsters, or seasoned tourists who have already seen all the major spots, you’ll always find someone who wants to experience something previously unseen. It doesn’t have to be something absolutely awe-inspiring, but you do have to be a good salesperson.

Berlin has Trabant safaris and Budapest has wacky DIY ruin pubs. What does your town have to offer that people can’t normally find on travel brochures? EARN MONEY IN 2022

Play Games

If you love video games, you can monetize your hobby and turn it into a job. It does help if you are quite good at playing video games. The esports industry is booming. Professionals who win tournaments are not just gamers, they are proper athletes. And, those tournaments offer hefty rewards and allow you to score lucrative sponsorships.

If you are more of a chess or card game person, you can still make a few bucks. You can go the standard route and play video slots or online Texas hold’em to earn ‘beer money.’ Many a professional poker player started their career playing casually in online poker rooms. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll reach stardom. After all, these are games of chance, so it’s important to exercise caution. If you are good at bluffing, analyzing and doing quick math in your head, it may turn out well. But, if you’re not, just enjoy it as a hobby and don’t get invested too much.

Play Games

Even if you don’t have talent for online games, you can still make money online in the gaming industry. You could start your own streaming channel on Twitch and make a living off of tips. If you have a sense of showmanship, you’ll may earn a loyal following.

Online Dating Consultant

Not everyone has luck on sites like, OK Cupid, and Tinder. But, that doesn’t mean they are willing to give up. That’s where you step in— a professional online dating consultant.

Don’t worry, this is something that has already been tried and tested. It’s not unusual for a dating coach to earn $190 for 90-minute client assessments. People will pay you to help them navigate the dating waters, provided that you can teach them something new. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Do your friends come to you when they need dating advice? Perhaps it’s time to monetize that talent of yours. You can help clients craft messages, make and select flattering photos, set up dating profiles, and help them boost their confidence. You can make money online through online consultations or you can coach people in person and charge even more.

Brewing Your Own Beer

Do you have taste buds that are accustomed to tasty craft beer? Commercial beer is popular because it’s cheap. But, millennials are willing to pay more to satisfy their cravings for good craft beer. According to C&R, more than half of millennials drink craft beer.

With a bit of skill and patience, you can tap into that market. You can buy a beer brewing starter kit for as little as $50. While you don’t have to invest a lot of money, you need to be creative. Take some time to work on new, unique flavors that people may like. When you discover such a recipe, start building a rep within your community and test the market demand for your product. EARN MONEY IN 2022

Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast

People are getting tired of traditional media. But, we still need someone to diggest information and content for us as our lives are pretty hectic. Many have turned to podcasts not just to have a good laugh and hear about crazy conspiracy theories, but to learn something new about history, art, philosophy, marketing, or whatever they are passionate about.

If you want to make a podcast, you need to find your niche. What knowledge can you share with the world? Don’t focus on building a huge audience, focus on delivering content that some individuals desperately need but can’t find in podcast form. As you develop your own online community, you can start negotiating with advertisers EARN MONEY IN 2022


None of these avenues will make you a billionaire. But, they will allow you to earn a living doing something you like, something that’s fun, and something that you are good at. An income-generating hobby that pays the bills sounds like a dream, but it’s entirely possible provided that you have enough passion and dedication. EARN MONEY IN 2022


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