It is a sad but true fact: the medical profession is trained to treat the physical body, but not the person who inhabits that body. My training in medical school, forty-five years ago, is still typical of today’s training. body treated

It focuses on the anatomy, physiology, chemistry and pathology of health and disease. It is said that the mind resides in the brain, the total product of electrochemical impulses in several billion connections of nerve cells that is more complex and complex than the most advanced computers that exist today.


The short version is that conventional medicine only believes in what it can measure and quantify. I am sorry to say that you, I, and all the other unique and interesting people that populate this land are not (literally) living up to your standards of what is real and what is imaginary. In other words, we don’t really exist. body treated


Over the years, I have increasingly come to appreciate the observation of Hippocrates: “It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what sort of illness a person actually facing.” We can observe from such appointment that he experienced the same tendencies in the doctors of his time that we perceive in today’s doctors.

Each of us is absolutely unique in our genetic makeup and in how our genes have interacted with our environment throughout life. Our body provides the basis for our interactions in the physical world, body treated

but it is not who we are and what we are. We also have emotions, mind, relationships (with other people and the environment) and a spiritual connection that contributes to our individuality.

From this holistic perspective, our body participates in a symphony of interactions between the various aspects that understand who we are. To a large extent, our body is a reflection of the rest of us, and not the sole basis and determinant of who and what we are. In fact, from the Spirit’s perspective, “Our body is a biological feedback mechanism for our soul,” as Dr. Len Wisneski observed.

The conventional doctor has a vast experience in the diagnosis of the condition of the physical body and in the prescription of chemical products and other interventions to alter their functions when we present symptoms and diseases. body treated

Western medicine has dominated medical care, actively discouraging and excluding other health and healing approaches. We have been conditioned for many decades to present ourselves passively and patiently for the doctor’s evaluations and ministries.

We don’t have to discount and discredit our vast self-healing abilities like that. We can play an active role in all aspects of our health, even when symptoms and diseases occur. body treated

Once we accept that our body is, in part, an expression of who we are as people, any change in our body can be perceived and explored as statements from some part of ourselves about our lives. For example, a pain, a viral respiratory infection or an injury can invite us to understand something about our place in the world at the moment they appear.

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Example 1. Veronica was a bank employee who was highly respected and appreciated by her supervisors as a reliable and hardworking worker. She found herself frustrated due to a series of minor injuries to her fingers that affected her ability to work as efficiently as usual.

Over a period of four months, these included severely cutting a finger while preparing dinner; crushing and fracturing another finger on the door of her car when she slid on an icy road; and twisting a finger when slipping and falling on its front steps.

Veronica was surprised that a friend Betty confronted her, during a friendly conversation, about “Betty’s 3 rule: when something happens 3 times, it’s time to ask her what the universe tells her!” Veronica could have felt guilty with anyone else, but she respected Betty and thought about this a lot. body treated

After introspection, she realized that her job at the bank was unlikely to lead to a satisfactory or safe career. Her body had been a messenger of her unconscious mind, alerting her to a truth she had missed because her work situation was comfortable and supportive.

Example 2. George had been a hard-working taxi driver for 15 years and was in excellent health. His back began to ache towards the middle of his work shift. He had no history of injury or tension in his back and his doctor could not find anything wrong with his back.

Using WHEE, a self-healing method that offers “Comprehensive Health: Easy and Effective,” George got in touch with what his back wanted to tell him about his life. His suffering on this occasion said: “You are actually doing work long hours to care your family and your wife is in this position not doing a reasonable share of the responsibility. body treated

Now that the children are older, she could be working more than her part-time job so you don’t do it. “. I don’t have to work so many hours. “George had been a little on the side of the henpecked, and it wasn’t until he” recovered the issue “that he had the courage to confront his wife and resolve a fairer distribution of responsibilities in the family.

I have been disappointed by my medical colleagues and also with other therapists, for treating the body as if it existed without a person attached to it. People who started talking to their bodies to ask what they said their symptoms were amazed at how quickly their bodies would respond and how deeply useful these messages are. body treated

These people are also disappointed to have had to suffer, often for years or even decades, before someone invited them to ask what their body wanted them to know.

So, if you have any symptoms, reserve a quiet time to talk with them. This ‘body talk’ is usually incredibly fast and productive to provide answers to your questions. If you discover that they are not responding, a therapist could help you find and open these communication doors.

body treated


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