For most Americans today, television has become an endless parade of channels to choose from during those average 4 hours of stationary tube time. Within that endless supply of television programming are several food channels that allow everyone to salivate by watching the creations of food that we are dramatically promised to be beyond our wildest delicious dreams.

In a country where there is a crisis of literal weight, since the vast majority of the population, including even children, is considered medically overweight or obese, there seems to be no sense of social responsibility when it comes to indulgent food programs that They continue to grant continuous permission to overeat and eat poorly.

The weight crisis in the United States is real and its continuation will be more threatening to the general population than sex and violence could be. It is no accident that commercial pharmaceutical advertising for diabetic supplies is a common feature in all channels. The fact is that the obesity epidemic goes hand in hand with the diabetes epidemic because the two are interrelated.


But while there are organizations that seek standards of social responsibility in terms of sex and violence in the media, and even those that persecute television advertisers regarding the marketing of food for children, there are no organizations that seek social responsibility in the National television programming when it comes to television. chefs who forget that their words are being heard by a national population.

For example, a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show, where Bourdain traveled to a fast-food restaurant with a partner, happily agreed to both of them while biting a sandwich that was a heart attack about to occur,

that the only foods What they like are fatty foods. This statement was made after biting a meat sandwich that was clearly so high in fat if I ate it daily that it would be a health disaster exponentially greater than what we all witnessed in Morgan’s documentary contribution of “30 days” where only McDonald’s meals were eaten

Would it be too much to ask Mr. Bourdain to make a quick comment after a comment like “By the way, eating only high-fat foods will kill him”? Or, tell me how about to say simple “Protect your health and eat this type of food only in moderation”? What about Emeril Lagassi? Could he include the fat and calorie count of these chef creations to give people the reality of what each of these meals will eat for their health?


We all know, or if you don’t know what you should know, that if you ate at a restaurant, at any restaurant, for every meal of your day, your result would be very unhealthy. The restaurant food is not intended to be a regular fair but rather an occasional delight with a high caloric content and high fat.

But when food channels promote that high-calorie restaurant fair for Americans and American cuisine on a regular basis without social responsibility in delivering health information related to these food masterpieces and, worse still, they promote habits Unhealthy eating, obesity should not only be considered a possible outcome, it should be considered an expected outcome.

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For those who say that there is no effect on the psyche of the population when it comes to television food programming and that they are now jumping up and down with respect to freedom of expression freedoms, keep your shirt on. It’s not about preventing someone from saying anything, it’s just about adding the reality of health to programming so that everyone can decide if this is something they really want to eat once they consider the health consequences. fast food

Commercial food packaging already requires that we all receive a detailed analysis of what enters our bodies when we eat the food we buy in a market.

Why not impose the same requirement on food television programming? Is not a national obesity health crisis sufficient to justify the addition of simple health truths that are balanced with the tone of food indulgence regularly promoted by the hosts of food programming?


But since it will probably be a long time before Emeril or Anthony have to add health information to their programming, the next time they are in front of that television watching a food show where indulgence is cheerfully encouraged in the world of rich foods in fat, remember that indulgence has a cost. fast food

The reality of unbridled food indulgence, high in fat and calories, which causes overweight includes an increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer and heart problems.

Better yet, the next time you turn on the television and decide to watch a food show, get up and exercise. Most of these television food shows last approximately 30 minutes, which is the right amount of exercise time you need to start being healthy.

While exercising and watching how that masterpiece of calorie-rich foods is created, keep in mind the fact that your average calorie burns while exercising will only burn approximately ¼ of the calories of the foods you are watching while preparing. After 30 minutes of exercise, you probably don’t think about eating that high-calorie and fat fair anymore because you will quickly realize how much effort it will take to get rid of that meal to prevent it from really damaging your health. fast food

how much effort it will take to get rid of that meal

If you exercise regularly and observe what you eat, you can improve your health exponentially and you can even eat a high-calorie and high-fat creation from time to time without feeling guilty about it. fast food

The time to think about your healthis not when your health has finally suffered the effects of not thinking about it. You can change your health by thinking about it regularly and acting in accordance with that thought by eating well and exercising regularly. We can all achieve a healthy body and live a healthier life. What you say isn’t It’s time to move on?

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