65 Tips to Obtain Higher Google Rankings for Your Business In 2020

Do you want to place your website on the top of the Google rankings? Even eagerly looking to make it beyond the top by 2020? There are a number techniques by which it can be performed so. However, there are some significant keys as well by which you have to perform the Search Engine Optimisation. Google Rankings

The prime checklist of the SEO is mentioned below for your reference. Have a look at them. 



  1. Market Research

It is done to collect necessary pieces of information about the targeted customers or markets. It is considered as the most important business strategy found so far to perform SEO. Google Rankings

  • Niche Research

It is the specific market segment to which a particular product is emphasised on! Accordingly, SEO agency will perform SEO to reach to the targeted customers and markets. Demographics and other eye-catching illustrations can be performed too to reach the targeted market.   

  • Competitor Research

Use competitors’ links for sources and profiles as your reference. SERP list must be done by the keywords of top competitors.

  • Keyword Research

KeywordPlanner is a great companion to get the most appropriate Google Adwords.

  • Data Gathering

It helps in comparison between your site and the competitor ones. Checking of the important business information such as contact numbers, address and name is done by it. Analytics is activated by it and crawling can be performed effectively entire website with Screaming Frog. Existing backlogs can be found too. Google Rankings

  • Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools are used for investigating about penalties, crawl errors, submission of the sitemap, improvements of the HTML and broken links.    

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On-page SEO

  • General

Navigation, Menus, Breadcrumbs, XML Sitemap and Robots.txt file the general elements of the on-page SEO. Meta tags including title and description, Pagination and Canonical are being tested. All issues with Webmaster tools are fixed and tag orders are put in the specific areas. Sometimes, H1 and long-tailed keywords tags are used for creating high traffic within a short span of time. Google Rankings

  • Content

Content duplicity is checked along with reviewing of visual design. Optimisation of media size is done afterwards along with specific media tags. Keywords and LSI keywords are focused to publish it in the specific static pages. Internal linking is properly done and bouncing rate is being monitored daily. Necessary updates are done from time-to-time.   

  • Performance

Performance is the extensive checking of the website or app. It is done with the help of good hosting and CDN to check Google Insights, compression of the images and improvisation of the speed. Mobile-friendliness and multi-browser-friendliness can also be checked at the same time. Google Rankings

  1.  Externalise Code (CSS)

It let the designersto distinguish between CSS code (design) and Content (HTML). Then the CSS file will be linked to the HTML with the help of the link rather than style.   

  1.  URLs

Absolute URLs can be used for incorporating with the primary keywords. 301 redirects can be used at the same time. Google Rankings

  1.  Schema

Use SchemaPlugin.com along with WordPress for including more features. Redefining is possible with it for Articles, Official Logo and much more. Even test site is available for current schema. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO
  1.  Alerting

Create alerting system for your brands. 

  1.  Finding URLs

Brand mentions and unlinked URLs must be found accordingly.

  1.  Interlinking

Intersection linking should be done within the competitors to find out the priority links.

  1.  Competitor Research

Competitor research must be performed extensively to obtain more links.

  1.  Content Posting

Content must be checked and compared to that of the competitors’ sites by the London based SEO consultant so that links can be obtained. Google Rankings

  1.  Setting up of Social Media profiles

Essential official accounts must be set up for various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

  1.  Adding to Pinterest

Pinterest account must be developed to get joining request to other relevant team boards of various renowned companies. 

  •  Link building

Broken link building will be additional feature for you with numerous benefits for your website.

  •  Guest Posting

Guest Post influences the chance of high traffic to your website. Hence you must continue posting guest post to various other sources.

  •  Expert roundups

Expert roundups are really beneficial for the website ranking. However, it must be limited to some extent only. Google Rankings

  •  Blog Commenting

Blog commenting feature should be added to your website for developing new relationships and obtain new customers at the same time.

  •  Quote Directories

Quote directories are great to help you to get a good position on the Google Rankings as any viewer can easily get quotes from the past directory.  

  •  Rely on award-winning sites

You must make your competitor an award-winning website so that, you can develop it accordingly and far better than them. It will help your website to obtain the good position in the Google Rankings. Google Rankings

  •  Contribution of the newsletters

Newsletters contribution can be used to create the attention of the social media users during social media sharing.

  •  Find an institution website

Institution websites are clear, concise and featured with easy UI (User Interface). It can be used by the developers to create a Google-friendly website to get the top ranks easily without being hassled. 

  •  Look for the events your website can sponsor

Look for the various social events and grand functions your websites can sponsor so that your website can get endorsed or promoted automatically. 

  •  A local chamber must be there for the commercial website

You must include an official address of the commercial website to provide its original existence.

  •  Newer blogger must be taken seriously

Newer bloggers will obviously do some contribution in the world of blogs. So, you must look for their writing style and techniques to increase the high traffic to your website by imitating them in the contents. Google Rankings

  •  Guest podcasting

Guest Podcasting will really help you to get the desirable rank of the website along with huge traffic retention.  

  •  Obtain the Pulse of LinkedIn

Get the LinkedIn pulse to be indicated as the reputed and reliable website. 

  •  Submit to curating platforms

Several curating platforms are there such as Alltop, Scoop.it and Flipboard where you can submit some contents to heighten the traffic. 

  •  Look for community websites

Kingged is a community website which can be beneficial for your commercial website at the same time. 

  •  Develop relationships with reputed publishing websites

Try to create and build relationships with the big publishing websites. By this way your website can obtain much higher views and will be stand alone from the crowd.

  •  There is Stumbleupon and Reddit too

Stumbleupon and Reddit are there too to help you to give a better position to the commercial website. As a result, brand image can be expected and the website can be stand out from its crowd at the same time. Google Rankings

  •  Linking with images

Use the images to find out your website and then link them to your website. It will keep the website’s interface clean and concise and also you can use the relevant images for your website.

  •  Slideshare is vital for submission

Slideshare is excellent in grabbing much attention of the viewers or users. Gradually, it will create a good impact on the ranks of the website on the Google Search Engine Results.

  •  Get space for newspaper and magazines websites

You may also submit the websites for the magazines and newspaper websites for better ranking due to the collaboration with top media houses.  Google Rankings

  •  Look for resource pages

Resource pages must be posted below and interlinked for better attention of the contents to get higher number of views.  

  •  Subscribe HARO (an email filter)

Subscribe this email filter to make your promotion and endorsement job much easier than it was before. You can promote new services and products of your commercial websites as well.  

  •  Request for Hashtag

Hashtags are very vital nowadays to get the high attention and huge traffic of the post. It will be beneficial for your website ranking at the same time.

  •  Perform link bait

Link bait can be also performed for top ranking in Google Search Results.

  •  Design badges for the community sites

You must design a unique badge for your website to use for every community. 

  •  Links pointing to Social Media platforms

You can use the pages of Social Media of the competitor’s website or your own website for pointing links as well. 

  •  Submit the testimonial

If anyone has used any of your services, you must post the testimonials for good feedback and more customer retention. Google Rankings

  •  Crowd Funding

Crowd funding projects can be supported to get more links that redirect the users to your website’s homepage directly.

  •  Look charities to support

You may look for any non-governmental organisations or charities who have official websites, so that you can support them for promoting your website. 

  •  Find authority for Q&A sites

Q&A sites are crucial for tailoring the authority and perform the necessary links.

  •  Develop a forum

You must develop a forum for your website where every query will be answered and important links will be shared as well. 

  •  Preview your site with Google queries

At last, preview your website and research on how the Google queries are being utilised in this case.

  •  Supplier Websites

You may take some help or references from the supplier websites as well.

  •  Comment Scouting

Use comment scouting for better position of your website in the Google Ranking.

  •  Create category-centralised sites

Sites should be developed according to thecategories required. It must be linked to the 301 and every category page.    Google Rankings

  •  Use Skyscraper Technique for successful content

Use the Skyscraper Technique to make the content successful for better user retention and huge traffic.

Other necessary steps

  •  Social Media

After setting accounts on social media pages, use the sharing buttons to your site. You may add Schema to the official social media profiles for getting better traffic. 

  •  Knowledge Graph

Create an entity and learn about the lesser-known facts of it to keep increasing your knowledge graph. 

  •  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Accelerate the speed of loading of the pages with the help of Analytics. Funnels changing and goals tracking must need removal of the pages. Track of the goals must be aimed at first and then commenced. During A/B testing duplicity of the content can be checked along with checking of the bounce rates. Converting pages must be ranked and tracked accordingly. Google Rankings

  •  Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is necessary for keeping records of the position of your website.  

  •  Regular Server configuration checks

You must check the server configuration on a regular basis.

  •  Monitor and manage reputation

Search with your business name to check any duplicity and turn on the alert for other brands of your name. 

  •  Keep updated with the Latest Google guidelines

Keep the recent updates of the Google guidelines so the website can be changed accordingly within a short span of time.

  •  Update other Avenues for traffic, referrals and traffic

SEO can be done with the help of Podcast, YouTube and Amazon to build the list for the using the newsletter for all of its community. 

  •  Regular checking for the on-page SEO

On-page SEP should be checked daily to keep it perfect and Google-friendly. 

  •  Regular checking of the backlink profile

Backlink profile must be similarly checked on a daily basis for the necessary updates.

These are the steps must be followed by every SEO expert to provide the best rank to the website in Google Ranking within 2020 and beyond. You may get in touch with the experienced SEO Consultants of DubSEO to know the SEO of the website in much better way. Our experts can perform it for you at a feasible price too.   Google Rankings


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