Twitter is not only the place where you make updates about your meals or brag about your time at the gym, it is also the place with many opportunities to earn a little more money. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

First of all What is Twitter?

Twitter is the largest Social Media Platform. Twitter is a social network that started in 2006. What sets Twitter apart from most other social networks is that you only have 140 characters available, which often requires a little creativity. Today, Twitter has over 3 million users and many of them use Twitter for more than just personal updates. Famous people use Twitter to gain even more popularity, reporters use Twitter to share new stories, and companies use Twitter to communicate with their customers. This guide is quite different from many others on ways to make money, but it’s definitely one we’re learning about! MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

If you have something interesting to say or products you want to advertise, you should probably use Twitter to earn a little more.

1. Tweet to sell products

Twitter is the essential place to advertise your products.

  • Do you have an Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry?
  • Do you monetize your blog that you use to sell homemade cards?
  • Or do you have a lot of Christmas presents that you cannot wait to sell on eBay?

If you have a product you want to sell, Twitter is where you can reach people’s attention and attract them to your online store. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

Twitter can be an important place for marketing your products if you do the job properly. Look for identical products and see which hashtags are used to use them in your tweets. You can also promote your product by adding “social sharing buttons” to your tweets. So readers can share your link from their own personal profile and spread the message further.

But of course, you cannot just tweet a day with the link to your site. You must also spice up your Twitter with funny and interesting tweets in order to get many Followers. It can be a very good idea to advertise with different promo codes, which attract buyers for the first time.

2. Tweet to promote your qualifications

To do you little publicity, your qualifications can often have a beneficial effect when it comes to selling your workforce.

  • For example, are you a professional web designer?
  • Do you have unique creative abilities?
  • Or are you simply trying to find a job?

You promote on Twitter is a free and great way to find work, sell your skills and earn money. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

Many professionals use Twitter to stay in touch with others in the industry. This form of digital networking gives you the opportunity to gain new knowledge, develop diverse partnerships and sell yourself and your skills for new work tasks.

In addition, tweets about your recent and current tasks can grab the attention of people from all over the world. Twitter is a universal platform for marketing, so do not hesitate to benefit from it. A little self-promotion can quickly lead to new sales or maybe even a job.

But be careful at the same time, that your Twitter does not become a long list of all your amazing achievements. People will be tired of reading about it. Add useful, funny, questions or quizzes to your page. Make sure you create some interest in your profile, which will interest people in what you do every day. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

3. Sponsored Tweets

Many famous people have taken over Twitter to earn a little more money. The millions of Followers who follow Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or Justin Bieber allow them to earn a lot of money per tweet.

It is unlikely that a “normal” person will reach this number of Followers, but if you have a successful blog or YouTube page for example, your sponsored tweets will certainly have a reach. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

If a company thinks that its products match your followers, it will contact you with offers for sponsored tweets. Often, you will be paid to do one or two tweets a week for a short period of time. The price of a sponsored tweet depends on both the number of Followers and the size of the contract. Some companies may in exchange offer you advertising on their site as a means of payment.

When you publish a sponsored tweet, you must of course indicate that it is sponsored content. Otherwise, you expose yourself to misunderstandings with your Followers.

4. Tweet for other companies

Even if you do not have millions of Followers, you can always with a certain amount try to make money from links to other companies, which we call “affiliate links”.

So, if you think your Followers would have an interest in a product, you can contact the company and request an affiliate link. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

You share the link here and there, wherever you think it will be. Whenever someone uses your link and buys the product concerned, you will have a small portion of the profit. It sounds very easy and simple but still requires that:

  • you have a lot of Followers
  • your Followers trust your recommendations
  • your Followers are sincerely interested in the purchase and do not just click to watch.

Affiliate links will probably not make you rich but if you were going to advertise a product anyway, why not get some profit? You should definitely read this article on making money on affiliate marketing, if it is for you one of the ways to make money on Twitter.

Never forget that Twitter is public. So, if you comment on something about the company, then remember that the company will always be able to go see. If you represent a company, always ask yourself if what you write can be interpreted negatively by the company. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

5. Sell your products at the price of a tweet.

The Pay with a tweet site gives people the opportunity to buy your product in exchange for tweets about it. Even if you do not earn money directly through this arrangement, it means that you will have a lot of publicity for your product, which should lead to more sales. Especially with new products, it’s crucial to get a mention, so potential buyers know about your product.

There are also a large number of companies interested in spreading the message about their products. If you think your Followers would be interested in a certain product, you can contact the company and try to find an agreement allowing you to be paid something by tweet.

Make sure all points of the agreement are written, and make sure you have proof for the tweets you have done for the company. At the same time, be careful not to become a pure commercial site, as this will quickly scare your Followers. You must subtly add your ads to your account, without being too visible and dissuasive. Because if you lose Followers, you also lose any attraction on the companies and maybe lose your business. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

List to make money on Twitter

List to make money on Twitter

You will not become rich overnight on Twitter but if you take your time to build a solid number of Followers it can become a cash machine one day and point you to the path to becoming rich.

The key to making money on Twitter are the Followers. To attract them, you must use multiple accounts at the same time and have the creativity to write funny, useful and relevant tweets that your Followers will want to read. MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

You need to know how to brand yourself and be up to date on the latest trends and events.

If you’re constantly advertising on your account, you’ll quickly lose followers, as well as your chance to make money with tweets. You have to make sure that you always make a site that people want to read.

It is not easy to make money on Twitter but if you are patient and determined in the work, it will pay! MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER

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