The internet is more competitive today than it has ever been in the past and online businesses are looking for every possible way to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. An effective website with visually appealing pages promises leverage as they have the potential of increasing conversions. web development

Not only do such websites help in the business attaining a distinct individuality of its own, but they also help in providing valuable information to the visitors. Therefore, it was inevitable that an idea like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) would take eventually take shape and prove to be an absolute game-changer. 

What is AMP?

Google launched AMP a couple of years ago, which was aimed at easing the creation of web pages for static content. This open-source platform created specifically for mobile users accelerates the loading process of web pages and has gone down very well with the majority of business owners.  web development

What is PHP?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is the full form of PHP and it is a scripting language that is well very suited for web development as it can be very easily be embedded into HTML.

Why are PHP web development companies preferred for AMP?

PHP is an open-source language that has all the features and elements necessary for the appropriate execution and implementation of AMP. Since PHP is one of the best programming languages it was only but natural that business owners would prefer proficient PHP web development companies for AMP and here are 5 more reasons to support the same.

Enhanced Security

Security is very crucial for mobile pages which keeps them from being compromised. When working with an unsecured platform there is always a chance that the pages might crash and personal information might get leaked. web development

PHP is a solid language that considerably lowers the possibilities of mobile pages getting hacked and that is one of the many reasons why the language is preferred by most businesses.

A lot of great companies with great proficiency in PHP have been coming out of India in the last 5 years or so and hence and PHP development companies in India are increasingly becoming a favored option for many businesses for their AMP requirements.


 Mobile users access the internet from various devices and operating systems and hence compatibility is a major cause of concern for many businesses. PHP takes care of these concerns because it isn’t platform-specific and can be used across a wide range of different platforms including but not limited to Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

PHP also provides support to different servers like Apache and Netscape and this is another reason this language and PHP development companies in India are being increasingly preferred by website owners.

Vast Variety of Frameworks

As with most frameworks AMP also faces issues with sustaining the crowds but it isn’t a cause of worry for business owners who have engaged a PHP web development company in India to work for them.

This is because PHP is one of the best development languages that provides support to a lot of frameworks for web development. PHP has the capability to support a vast variety of frameworks and can eliminate occupational hazards that come up during the developmental process. web development

This is why business owners look towards hiring a reliable PHP web development company in India for Accelerated Mobile Pages

Easily Implementable

The beauty of PHP lies in its simplicity and it is one of the simplest programming languages that exist. There, PHP by default becomes of the best languages to learn and implement.

This has led to an environment where it is a great time to be a custom web development company because of the rising demand for the services that companies of such nature can provide.


Over and above all secondary benefits, the primary aim of AMP is to speedily load mobile pages.

To complement this attribute, the use of a PHP is recommended as it is easily implementable, speedy and depends on its own memory rather than the server’s memory. It is another reason to prefer to choose a PHP web development company in India for facilitating AMP. 

Final Thoughts

PHP has always been one of the most favorite programming languages for the majority of the developers. It not only optimizes the running of the websites but it also reduces the loading to a considerable extent.

Along with creating the website optimally, it has over the years evolved exponentially to emerge as the most favored tool for developing Accelerated Mobile Pages.

You can have your team work on this if they possess the skills necessary for the task or the same can be outsourced to experts. Companies providing PHP development services in India are increasingly being seen as a preferred option by many countries simply because of their comparative superiority accompanied by cost-effectiveness. web development

Many options can be browsed through by just making a google search and there is every chance that you can find a PHP web development company in India, whose packages fit in your budget and whose services and expertise are well suited for your requirements.

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