There is a lot to know about baby care for mothers who are going to have their first birth. Baby care you need to pay attention to? As you can create a sort yourself. The first weeks after birth will be challenging for the mother.

When it is known what to do, a comfortable period for both mother and baby can begin. Room temperature of the environment should be considered for a newborn baby. Feeding of the baby should be ensured by frequent breastfeeding after birth.

Breastfeeding is important because all nutrients will be taken from breast milk. If the baby has sobbing, short-term breastfeeding can be achieved by gradually losing the sobbing reflex. Hiccups are a reflex.

Home Baby Care

When taking care of babies at home, all procedures such as breastfeeding, changing the diaper, urine and faeces follow-up, belly care and lying position should be performed step by step and in a controlled manner.

Breastfeeding may be irregular at first and should be breastfed immediately when the baby wants. The mother should give both breasts equally and ensure that her milk comes regularly.

In the first months, babies should be breastfed on average 10 times a day. Since all nutrients are present in breast milk, there is no need to provide additional water. The first six months should be breastfeeded regularly. After 6 months, additional food can be started slowly. baby care


Frequent changing of the bottom is important for healthy growth of babies. The baby should be checked and replaced when the baby wakes up and before feeding. 

When the six are not clean, they will be restless and the feeding will be uncomfortable instantly. When feeding babies, you should also change diapers after feeding, as the bowels will be activated. 

You can clean it with wet cotton or wipes to keep the baby’s bottom clean. Dirty bottom will cause rash formation if not changed for a long time. You should also use special diaper rash cream for babies.

Bathing Babies

The babies will dry and fall shortly after they are born. Bath should not be done without falling belly. You can have the baby relax by having her first bath one day after the belly falls.

You can wipe with a soft soapy cloth to clean without belly falling down and then rinse. Baths will be done every other day will be good for babies. In daily care, mouth, chin and genital areas should be wiped frequently with soap-free wet cloth.

It is recommended that you use boiled and warmed water if the baby has an open wound or has had an operation. Your doctor will advise you. To measure the water temperature, the inside of the arm is immersed in water and the temperature is tested.

It is important to rinse the skin as soap residue may cause irritation. baby care

Skin Care

Baby skins are very sensitive. After bathing, skin oils or creams should not be applied each time. Because creams and oils can prevent skin sweating and cause small pimples on the skin.

If dry skin is seen, special moisturizing lotions can be applied 1-2 times a day. If the baby’s skin is dry, it should not be bathed frequently.

Skin care and nail care are also important. The baby can cause eye damage and scratches with elongated fingernails. For this, the baby should be cut regularly with nail clippers. baby care


You should adjust the sleeping position well when sleeping to ensure that babies are comfortable. 

Babies are more comfortable when they lie on their back. For infants, the supine position is known as the safest way to lie. It is recommended that you lie face down to strengthen your arms while awake. 

While the babies are lying, cover the quilt to the chest level and keep the head open. Make sure that there are no soft toys in the baby bed. Also, you shouldn’t overheat the baby thinking it might get cold.

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