Most people are nutritionally unbalanced. The imbalance seems to come from an insufficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet. The vitamins most likely to be out of balance are vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Other vitamins may also be missing, but most people are deficient in them. In addition to vitamins, most people are deficient in trace minerals and some are deficient in potassium and magnesium. INTUITION TO EAT

By correcting these deficiencies, which seem to alleviate most of the symptoms of overeating, people seem to be more in tune with themselves and can become more intuitive in their eating habits. By drinking more water, people notice that they are not so hungry, so they drink water first when they notice signs of hunger. You start interpreting better when you’re hungry and when you’re full. You are better able to decide what and how much to eat.

With intuitive eating, people don’t care so much about the shape of their body or how others see them. By focusing on how your body feels, they are better able to choose foods intelligently and improve their portion control. The size and shape of your body are naturally reformed to your ideal size.

People who tune into their bodies have a much higher self-esteem, a higher stress reaction threshold, so they are calmer, more optimistic, happier and have more positive emotions. They do not count calories or grams of fat, drink unpleasant potions for the diet or starve to death.

To begin your process to be more intuitive in your eating style, you must throw away all your diet books. They have rules that are imposed on you and that make you fall into chaos and make you feel guilty that another diet has failed. Stop the yo-yo effect. Diets only work while you are in them and most are impossible to maintain as part of a lifestyle choice. INTUITION TO EAT

If you think you are hungry, drink two glasses of water and wait a few minutes. If you are still hungry, for God’s sake eat something. If you wait until you are hungry, the food stuffing monster will appear and you will be out of control. Actually, it is better to eat five or six small meals or snacks in a day than to wait until you are hungry.

Plan your mini meals, so you know what you are going to eat and have all those good nutritious foods in the house. Indicate what you would like to eat in your body and incorporate as many colors and textures as possible in your meals and snacks. If you can do something raw, much better. If your body needs something sweet, try making hot chocolate with almond milk and cocoa, sweetened with Stevia.

Set aside all your negative judgments about food. All the things you should eat and all the things you shouldn’t be surrounded by judgments lodged in your emotions. By creating a clear space around your food and eating habits, you become more intuitive as your clarity develops.

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Eat slowly and observe the signals of your body. How does your food taste? Are you already comfortably full? Don’t be afraid to cover your food and refrigerate it until the next time you eat. Mostly we think we have to eat all stuff in our plate remember It’s not compulsory to eat all stuff you have in your plate. If you notice you’re still hungry, eat anything else.

Be satisfied. The pleasure of eating a delicious meal in a comfortable environment contributes greatly to satisfy our hunger and our emotions around food. By eating this way, you discover that much less food is needed to take you to a place of satisfaction.

If you are discouraged, recognize and manage your emotions without eating. Keep in mind that you feel depressed and recognize that you are not in danger of exploding or another imminent disaster. You feel depressed right now but you will feel better. The food is to nourish your body, not to refill yourself for your comfort. Do what you can to change the habit of using food for your convenience. INTUITION TO EAT

Change the rules about food. Recognize when you are hungry and eat then. Do not eat when you are not. Any other excuse to eat is just that, an excuse. Have a little character and some discipline around food. INTUITION TO EAT If you crave a box of Chocolate Brownie Overload ice cream, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate with almond milk and Stevia. Make an agreement with yourself to break your food addictions. You will feel better about it and you can have more control over what goes into your mouth.

No matter how you think you look, respect yourself and love yourself no matter what your judgments are. The most critical eye in the world is yours. No one can be more self-critical than you and separate as you can. Change your habit of constantly criticizing and let yourself be who you really are. If all your relatives are on a common point, you may have to be sure that it is the same point. You are not a horrible person if you have a waist for muffins or jowls. INTUITION TO EAT

Please remember the benefits of walk so put on your shoes and go for a healthy morning or evening walk as you feel comfortable for yourself but do walk in your routine daily life. If all you can handle right now is go to the end of the block and come back, then you have done your best. INTUITION TO EAT

Celebrate your achievements and hope to walk around the block. By being in tune with yourself, you can progress at your own pace. Noticing how you feel and what progress you are making is a positive step.

Know that you are the only person who can restore your health and your waistline by choosing healthier foods. Choose tasty and nutritious food that feels good eating. Know that as you eat better, you will feel better. As you feel better, you’ll want to feel even better. Your progress will encourage you and let your intuition guide you as you travel this new path of empowerment.



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