Underground Resorts of The World- An Amazing Holiday Experience!

On our planet, many wonders exist. Some of them are human-made, and some of them are from the evolution of the human race. Underground Resorts

When humans started living in groups, their first accommodation was the caves. Those caves still existed, and some of them have vanished due to the change in geographical conditions.

The caves have existed till now; some of them are perfect for staying with some changes. The hotel industry considered them the opportunity to convert them into a place where you can experience a different kind of stay. Those resorts are the following. Underground Resorts

Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona, USA


It is known as the world’s largest & deepest motel room. It is 220 feet beneath the ground level and a cave built up of limestones. It is also related to history. During the American-Cuban cold war crisis, John F. Underground Resorts

Kennedy turned this into a bomb shelter as accommodation for 2000 people. In this resort, there are 48 rooms. All the rooms are equipped with living facilities like bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, etc. This cave resort is situated in Arizona, USA. It is the largest cave in the USA.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is situated in the Ozark Mountains near Buffalo National River. It is the cliffside cave, and its living area is 6,000 square feet. Underground Resorts

The specialty of this lodge is that all the rooms have showers fixed into the rocks. Here you will find all the modern amenities. The price of spending a night here is $1600/ Night.

Guhantara Resort, India  


Guhantara Resort, Bengaluru, is the first underground cave resort in India. It is one of the resorts established by Rashi Eco-Tourism. It is 300 feet deep from the ground level and surrounded by 15000 trees and plants.

It is 30 km away from the silicon city of India and the best weekend getaway from the city of Bengaluru. In Guhantara resort, there are 18 fully furnished rooms designed like a cave and equipped with all kinds of modern facilities, which makes your stay comfortable.

Here you can enjoy adventure sports like zorbing, quad bike ride, and outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. It is also a perfect day-out spot. This resort also has an auditorium, restaurant, and bar. Underground Resorts

Here you can also enjoy ayurvedic spa named Agastya Kuteer. The best thing about Guhantara is that the resort is also available for destination weddings.

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White Cliffs Underground Motel, Australia

This hotel was opened in 1989 for people, and it can accommodate 100 people at once. It is a human-made underground motel.

The size of the motel is near the football ground. The motel is built into Smith Hills, which is also known as Poor Man’s Hill. There are some interesting facts related to it which are-

Underground Resorts

  • In the early 1900s, the lack of Opal was discovered here.
  • During the 1980s, this area was renovated in the form of a family home.
  • Later in 1989, it becomes the motel named as White Cliffs Underground

In this motel, there are 30 underground rooms, which are known as dugouts and can accommodate 5 people/room at a time.

Wadi Rum Desert Hotel, Jordan

It is situated in the Nabataeans city, which is the ancient city of Jordan, and it is at a distance of one and a half hours from the Petra. In this resort, there are 47 rooms designed by Oppenheim Architects, Florida.

The resort has been carved into the desert rocks. All the rooms are underground. In this resort, you will find a spa lodge, rock lodge, tent lodge, and private villas.

La Claustra, Switzerland

It is the former army fort where you can feel the vibes while staying. It is located in the Swiss Alps. It has 17 rooms for the stay and provides the feeling that you are living in a swiss army bunker. It is one hour away from Lucerne.

Underground Resorts

It is spread in an area of 53,000 square feet. At this hotel, you can find a sauna bath, restaurant, and swimming pool. The average price for the stay is $750 at this resort.

All these resorts are unique in itself, which gives you a different feel. It is another level of stay experience which you have never before. So stay healthy and keep exploring new places.




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