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When preparing for a trip, we often wonder what practical travel items absolutely put in his bag. These small accessories usually accompany us throughout our stay. We realize that we simply cannot do without them. I unveil in this new 5 practical travel items that always appear on my checklist, and therefore in my backpack. travel accessories

The anti-theft backpacks.

It is an ideal accessory, which can also be a good gift idea for a traveler; and also, to offer oneself. The zippers and pockets are not visible, making it a perfect backpack to limit any risk of theft during his trip. travel accessories

This bag includes a USB port to recharge the phone, reflective tape to be seen at night, and a system of attachment to attach the backpack on a suitcase. Depending on the destination and the type of organized trip, the anti-theft backpack can be well equipped and enjoy more serenely of his trip.

A smartphone, with a charger and an adapter.

This is the accessory I would like a little off the hook during the holidays, but it must be admitted, I am addicted to my phone, and it is so convenient for me on a trip! With my smartphone,

I can take photos, write notes, record the numbers of contacts encountered while traveling, search for information and cancel or make a hotel reservation if you have an internet connection at a reasonable rate. Of course, the charger and the adapter are essential to enjoy your phone throughout the trip. travel accessories

The earplugs.

It is a small accessory, which makes good service for all people sensitive to noise. By experience, having made a very long flight, and having spent a few days in the Philippines, rumble and rooster noise is more easily bearable with the earplugs. travel accessories To take absolutely, for all those who are likely to be confronted with the noise, and wish to sleep more quietly.

A meat bag.

When traveling in backpack mode, and sleeping in places with very basic comfort, it is comfortable to use your own sheets. The meat bag takes up little room in the backpack, and it makes you more comfortable sleeping. travel accessories

A travel guide.

The travel guide is for me my landmark, I give him all my confidence. It gives the right addresses, help for travel, and provides practical information on places visited. When there is no internet, and we like to be advised, the travel guide is a traveler’s accessory to absolutely put in his bag. travel accessories


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