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If you start exploring what blogging is for the first time, you are likely to find yourself cornered by a lot of strange terms. Soon he will begin to think that they are only inventing one type of blog by attaching a random letter in front of ‘log’. Which is probably not far from reality. Importance of blog in modern world

However, there is no fear. We have created a brief and concise guide to the world of blogs to help you understand a type of medium that seems to be taking control of the Internet. Importance of blog in modern world

Importance of blog in modern world

First of all, the basics

What is a blog?

A blog is a form of written communication from a personal perspective for public consumption. The key is that a blog is not objective. It is completely subjective and that is part of the reason for the popularity of blogs. When you read one, you almost feel that you “know” the person who writes it. Importance of blog in modern world

The blog usually communicates at the person-to-person level instead of targeting a wider audience. So, if we can sum it up, we would basically describe a blog as something communicated personally to the general public.

And yes, that seems to be an oxymoron. However, it is probably the best description of a sentence of what a blog is without describing the technology itself. And since we are going to discuss the various types of blogs, we must understand it at its most basic level.

Forms of The Blog

A blog “format” is none other than the type of medium used to create the blog. In a growing digital world, we have a wide variety of options, which we can use to communicate with other people. Naturally, most of these devices have been used to generate a blog. And if they don’t, they will soon be. So, with that in mind, let’s analyze some of the most frequent variations in the traditional blog. Importance of blog in modern world

Vlog / Vlogging / Video Blogging

The ‘vlog’ is something that emerged relatively recently. Essentially it is exactly what its name describes. It is a video recording directed personally to the general public. This form of the blog has been adopted mainly by the corporate world, which sees it as a new way of communicating with the end user or the consumer. This is not a medium that the average user has adopted, yet. However, over time, hope that this form of blog gains greater acceptance and greater popularity. Importance of blog in modern world

A new and emerging type of “Vlog” is Vodcast, which is nothing more than a “live” version of the vlog.

  • Some useful links for Vlogs:
  • Wikpedia entry for Vlog>
  • evideoshare> offers the possibility to share vlogs with others
  •> offers a complete directory of vlogs on almost any topic

Moblogging / Mobile Blogging

Moblogging is a “style” of blogging. Essentially it means blog on the go from a portable device of some kind. Most of these types of blogs take the form of images with the image of something that serves the same purpose of words.

A good reason to consider a moblog is when you want to give another person the experience of being in an event without being physically present. Of course, this also applies to the vlog mentioned above.

The “new baby” seems to be a popular reason for moblog. And the concept of ‘babies’ can be applied very freely, as corporations are also using it to introduce new products with the same frequency. You could almost argue to give this type of blog post (the photo) the nickname “Phlog”, but then again, do we really need another term to follow? No, probably not. Importance of blog in modern world

The other form of moblog is the blog entry made from a digital communication device such as a bluetooth or a pocket PC. Essentially, there is no difference between a traditional blog and this type of moblog apart from the fact that you are doing it on the go.Importance of blog in modern world

Some useful links for Moblogs:

Flickrblog is a service that allows you to quickly publish photos on your blog

SnapNpost is another company that offers assistance in publishing photos

Flog (S) / False Blogs

As soon as a new technology emerges, it is shortly after the business world adopts it with dire ends. Of course, the purpose is only harmful from the point of view of the consumer. For the corporation it is usually a very good idea.

And, of course, this applies to the ‘record’. A scourge is just what it says. It is a fake blog. It is a blog written from the perspective of a fictional individual with the purpose of exaggerating a product or service or, in some cases, with the sole purpose of deceiving. Importance of blog in modern world

Of course, corporations are not the only ones that make lashes. It is likely to be so popular among people, but most of them can keep it a lot better secret and for a longer period of time. Importance of blog in modern world


Podcasting may seem out of reach of the blog, but in most cases it does not. A podcast is nothing more than a personal radio program, which is transmitted from the computer or other people’s digital device.

The only important difference in a podcast and a blog is that the podcast generally lasts a certain period of time and is “live”, while the various types of blogs are usually a record of what happened in the past, whether Let that past be a few minutes or several days. Importance of blog in modern world


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