The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort

to lose weight without making a great effort
The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort


Various varieties of tea, coffee or water itself are some of the drinks that cannot be missing in your diet if you want to lose a few kilos.


Experts say that to lose weight you must follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. It is the basis on which turns any process that has the objective of making us lose kilos, but we can ‘help’ with some little-known habits that go unnoticed.


The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort


Some people bet on tea, a drink capable of increasing metabolism between 3 and 11 percent according to some studies; Some people prefer to add apple cider vinegar to their meals, a seasoning that helps avoid excess calories. We will give you good advice that will help you lose weight without realizing it.


Jillian Kubala is a dietitian who lives in Westhampton, New York. He has a Master in Nutrition from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. In addition to helping its clients achieve optimal well-being through nutritional changes, it also invites them to work their lifestyle, incorporating healthy habits.



Jilian Kubala has written a guide in which he explains what are the drinks that help us lose weight in a natural way, either because they activate the metabolism or because they eliminate appetite. The dietitian points out eight drinks that, in her opinion, will make us lose a few kilos, yes, if we accompany it with exercise and a healthy diet. best drinks to lose weight


Green Tea


The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort


On many occasions we have seen how green tea is associated with health by its antioxidants and nutrients. But, in addition, several studies have shown that drinking green tea decreases weight and body fat, an average of two kilos in three months, on people who do not drink it. The trick is to prepare very concentrated green tea so that there are catechins, the antioxidants that stimulate metabolism and, at the same time, increase fat burning. The best example is ‘matcha’, a type of green tea that contains a high amount of catechins. Green tea also contains caffeine, which can help you lose pounds as we will see later.


Black Tea




As in the case of green tea, people who drink black tea ingest substances that help them lose weight. This drink is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps you lose weight according to some studies. This would happen because black tea and its polyphenols help to break down fat, especially the one that accumulates in the waist, so it helps us lose weight, also in one of the areas where we need it most. best drinks to lose weight


Ginger Tea


It is a drink made from ginger root, an herb used both in cooking and in traditional Chinese medicine to combat various diseases. But, in addition, there are studies that confirm that this root is beneficial for weight loss and for increasing good cholesterol, HDL. It helps reduce hunger and, at the same time, burn more calories.


When you want to lose weight it is good to make nutritional changes, but also in the lifestyle, incorporating healthy habits.




The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort




All diets try to convince us of the importance of drinking a lot of water during the time we try to lose weight. And is not for less. Drinking water is always healthy, but even more so when we want to lose a few kilos, by helping us burn calories. It is shown that taking it before meals is good for weight loss, as it causes an increase in resting energy expenditure. best drinks to lose weight




The best drinks to lose weight without making a great effort


The caffeine that coffee contains is used to increase our energy level, improve mood and as a stimulant. Some studies have shown that overweight people who do not consume caffeine burned fewer calories than those who did, so it stimulates metabolism, burning excess fat and helping to lose weight. In addition, another study indicates that when it comes to trying to lose kilos, people who manage to lose weight drink more caffeine than those who do not.


Apple cider vinegar


This drink contains 5 percent acetic acid, a compound that helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite (by delaying stomach emptying), burning calories more easily thanks to reduced insulin levels and increasing blood levels. AMPK enzymes, which accelerate fat burning and decrease the production of sugar in the liver. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar contains only three calories, making it ideal as a salad seasoning, replacing sauces and other very caloric products. best drinks to lose weight


Vegetable Juices


Fruit juices are associated with weight gain, although the opposite can happen with vegetables. Some studies indicate that people who take these compounds lose more weight than those who do not, especially if they are whole vegetables, because of the fiber that is lost when the juice is extracted. They are low in calories and very good for our diet.




High protein drinks


They help reduce hunger and are very easy to take with protein powders that quickly become smoothies. Protein causes increased levels of hormones that reduce appetite, such as GLP-1. At the same time, ghrelin decreases, one of the hormones that create hunger in our body. Whey protein is the most common and easy to find in supermarkets and specialty stores.

best drinks to lose weight


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