The German Christmas market is one of the great gifts that Germany has given the world. Year after year, in almost every city and even in smaller towns in Germany, Christmas markets are a great local attraction. Despite its popularity. Christmas markets in Germany are still relatively unknown outside the country. If I had to stop a handful of people on the street and ask what they think when they think of Germany, they are more likely to mention Bach, Beethoven and Bratwurst than the Christmas markets. BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

Are you looking for Christmas trips to Germany or are you looking for tour packages to Europe? Of all the available tours, a tour of the Christmas market is likely to be one of the most unique and unforgettable travel experiences you have ever had. It also offers a good value. Air fares at the end of November and the first part of December are lower, so you’ll save on flights. The summer tourist crush is over and the pace is more relaxed. And if you want to celebrate the true Christmas holidays at home, a Christmas tour is perfect. You can go to the Christmas Trail in early December, do your shopping and return home long before December 25.

When December arrives, the Christmas markets and Germany are almost synonymous. It would be much difficult to envisage one without the help of other. If you are planning a trip to Germany, you have two basic options: Do I want to travel alone? Or do I want a guided tour of Germany or some kind of tour package? BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

Traveling only offers the greatest flexibility. You can trace your route, exercise caution in the wind and make your trip an open adventure. However, flexibility comes at a price. If you plan to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, you will probably want to see at least three markets, maybe more, which means that you will travel to three or four different cities and travel within these cities to visit the markets and other local attractions

If you are not so excited to drive a rental car on the highway in winter and negotiate large cities and towns at the wheel, or if you are not sure of making a train trip with changes and stops in four or more cities and pranks your luggage and Every item you buy is worth considering a guided Christmas tour.

I will admit to having an opinion on the subject. I plan and lead small group tour packages to Germany. I have also traveled only for business and pleasure. If the approach to travel is specialized and time is limited, in my experience, a Christmas tour is the best option for most people. This is especially true since you will travel in December and especially if you try to cover more than one city and do not have an unlimited amount of time. BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

This is valid even for the independent and demanding traveler who shudders at the idea of ​​tourism and mass market groups. The trick is to find the right kind of Christmas tour. It doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter tour. Look around and find a special tour with the features and excellent service that meet your standards. You can pay a few dollars more, but it will be worth it.

Small is good. Make sure the group size is 15-20 or less. Operated by the owner is also important. Many travel companies simply sell tours organized by other companies. The people with whom you book the tour do not have “skin in the game”. If you make your arrangements through a small business operated by the owner, there is a good chance that the owner has planned the trip and directs it personally. A good quality Christmas tour, led by the owner, will not only take you to visit the markets, but will also include extras that you can lose if you were traveling alone, such as Christmas music, special exhibitions and visits with artisans. BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

The best German Christmas Markets

Cologne’s Christmas market is popular. The Munich Christmas Market is also attractive, and the Berlin Christmas market has grown since the fall of the Wall. These fairs tend to be very large. Big is not necessarily bad, but holiday markets in Germany have to do with tradition and history. Many people feel that the southeast and eastern part of the country is where Germany is most German (specifically, Franconia, Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt), so make sure your Christmas tour to Germany includes at least some markets in this part from the country. country. These are some of the best Christmas markets, Germany 2018.

Leipzig Christmas Market

Dating from 1458, the Leipzig market extends over the main market square and in the side streets. It has the largest Advent Calendar in the world (certified by Guinness), with individual windows that open every day. November 23-December 22, 2018.

Dresden Christmas Market (known there as the Striezelmarkt)

This is one of the best German markets, older than Leipzig. Near the Erzgebirge toy manufacturing region. November 25-December 24, 2018. BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

Schneeberg Christmas Market

Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit of a small town in Schneeberg, located in the region of Erzgebirge (Metallic Mountains), traditional home of carved wooden toys, Christmas decorations, smokers and pyramids. November 27-December 19, 2018

Lauscha Kugel Festival

Visit the annual Kugel Festival (Kugelmarkt) in this remote city of Thuringia, known for inventing the traditional Christmas decoration of blown glass. The market is held on both weekends: November 27-28 and December 4-5, 2018.


Bamberg Christmas Market

An intimate and charming market in Bamberg, the jewel of northern Bavaria. The market takes place in the main square, the Maximilianplatz, from November 27 to December 23, 2018. The surrounding villages also have their own Christmas fairs. BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS

I will highlight other Christmas markets in Germany in upcoming articles. Regardless of the Christmas tour you choose, make sure the group is small and offers more than standard stops in the most visited cities. You will also want the trip to include not only markets, but also traditional Christmas music, other types of shopping, visits to workshops and factories and other extras. Your travel experience will be much richer for it.



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