Gone are the days when video production was restricted to those who had a machine good enough to run a heavy video editor. Besides, several free applications will prove that it is possible to make a video with at least semi-professional quality, even using your cell phone.

So, I separated a list of some applications that I have already tested and that I really like! In it, not only editing apps, but also that complement the recording and editing process, such as subtitles and artificial intelligence editing.

1. FlexClip

In addition to being available directly on the Chrome browser, FlexClip is one of the simplest applications for those just starting.
It has a free version, and even the paid ones have very interesting plans for those who need more options, such as video bank, larger storage, more features, and such.

2. Kinemaster

Anyone looking for something more advanced, already stick to the Kinemaster! It includes brightness control, colors, 3D effects, stickers, and even chroma key!
For the number of resources, you may even be scared at first. But something that several tutorials on YouTube can help you to start editing.

3. Filmora Go

Filmora Go is one of the most complete and simple editing apps. You can add effects, add captions, apply filters, and much more, all very easily!
Oh, it can also be used for free and without a watermark – the app only includes the logo in the final scene! Some types of filters and transitions are available, but others can also be purchased within the app.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

With Adobe Premiere Clip, it’s effortless to automatically transform the photos and videos you recorded into videos or make edits to videos to add effects, music, and such.
For those who also work with Adobe Premiere on the computer, the app is already connected to the Adobe Cloud and allows you to start work on your phone and finish on your PC or Mac.

5. iMovie

IMovie is already well known to Mac users, but it also has a very nice version for all iOS devices. It is very simple to use, even for those who do not understand much about video editing.


6. VideoShow

I’ve used a lot of video show in my life! It is a complete app and also easy to move.
One of his highlights is the filters, similar to the ones in Stories – there are really cool options! If you want, you can subscribe to the app to have access to more features, or if you simply want to remove the watermark, you only pay about $19.99.


7. InShot

Very easy to use, it is one of the most popular – one of the most used as well. You can add filters, frames, text, and easily turn a video to a vertical or horizontal format.
Oh, and very helpful: you can remove the watermark from InShot without paying! All you need is click on it and watch an advertisement in the end.


8. Magisto

Magisto is an application that aims to edit videos for Android and iOS for free. It has several options for customizing videos, such as adding music and special effects.

The highlight for this application is the artificial intelligence that identifies the editing needs. This is very useful, especially if the user does not know or has experience with video editing.


9. Quik

A particularly useful option for those who record videos with GoPro cameras, Quik can also be used when deciding to record on your phone. Like Magisto, it takes recorded photos and videos and creates its own content, allowing you to choose a song from your collection and with various effects.


10. Clips

Clips already combine the tip of typing by voice with the subtitling of the video. You record, and while you are talking, he is already writing automatically. Then, just hit the mistakes and correct them! Your video has the caption ready.



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