IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination, it’s a medical treatment that you should be aware of if you’re planning to have kids one day. pregnant

The process of Intrauterine insemination (IUI) starts with sperm being placed directly inside the uterus by a doctor.

The main goal is pregnancy, which will successfully occur if the sperm fertilizes with the egg and that fertilized egg inserted in the lining of the uterus.

IUI is also known as donor insemination, alternative insemination, and artificial insemination. IUI is done around the period of ovulation.

Ovulation occurs in every menstrual cycle when hormone changes then the ovary releases an egg. During IUI treatment the sperm cells are placed directly into the uterus so that the sperm don’t need to swim and starts its journey near to the egg.

Since the sperm is reaching the egg it is more likely to get a fuse.

IUI is most also successful for one who has one blocked fallopian tube, this treatment helps in ovulating the egg (with the help of medicines), and a normal uterine cavity.

Your doctor should ovulate you before you move on IUI, as well as check if there are any hormonal imbalances.

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Some of the few reasons why you should go for IUI, and also keep in mind while making your first step towards parents hood you will face some hurdles not only physically but also emotionally, so all approaches are valid. Some choose IUI when they decide to live single and be a single parent. pregnant

IUI is also used by people who are in LGBTQ relationships. Some people use donor sperm to get rid of genetic diseases. Covering medical procedures for IVF some insurance companies require IUI as your first step for further process.

Couples mainly choose IUI when there is an issue of male infertility. IUI can also be helpful in situations like low sperm motility, sexual dysfunction. pregnant

IUI is a perfect option for fertility issues for both males and females.

If you did IUI alone, it would increase the chances of successful treatment. If you did it just by medication, it increases about 15% of the chance to bring you to normal fertility.

The procedure of actual IUI is different in everyone. depending on your general health, your hormones level, and your age.

your preparation may vary. You can take fertility medicines which can help you to get your egg matured and ready to fertilize.

iui a new way to get pregnant

IUI is not as complicated as other fertility procedures. It is a low-tech procedure and relatively simple and less expensive as compared to other fertility processes. Before you jump into thinking of IUI. pregnant

Here is something you should know, there are lots of myths about IUI that it didn’t work and people end up with IVF at last. But there is some hope if you are choosing IUI as it is much simpler and Natural, and it has resulted in thousands of families.

So, stay strong and make the right decision for your family, don’t lose hope, and take care of yourself because you matter a lot in this treatment. Before IUI, a donor will provide a sperm sample.

An important thing to remember is that most insurance companies don’t include the cost of purchasing sperm, so you have to pay the cost from your pocket. If you want to save money then you can opt for a known donor, but keep in mind that choosing an anonymous donor is less problematic than choosing a known one. pregnant

After sperm reaches your doctor, then it will be “washed.” Some banks sell “pre-washed” sperms. Sperm washing helps in removing chemicals in sperms that can probably cause reactions and can create problems in pregnancy.pregnant

In most cases, IUI is a simple treatment that does not require fertility medicines. If you take fertility medicines it will be called a triggered cycle, because the medicines trigger pregnancy. pregnant

If medicines are not used it’s called an untriggered cycle, or natural cycle. Triggered ovulation with IUI is not suggested by most doctors because there is a risk of multiple pregnancies, that can cause the risk of miscarriage and other complications.

IUI success rate depends on many factors like age, health, etc and also if you are taking fertility pills or not. One of the most beneficial things about IUI is that it is less stressful for a couple than the other costly and time-consuming treatments. pregnant

However, age and other factors will lead to different results. After examining your health and other factors, your doctor will be able to give you better advice about which option is good for you.


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