She was 29 years old by age, I was actually just e years old at that time and, against all odds, it absolutely was I WHO reigned that day, enthroned within the backseat of her favorite car. Not even in an exceeding seat, solely within the straightforward and soft that Fiats accustomed have within the eighties. TRAVEL SAFELY

His mission was to “give me” to the grandma, intact and prepared to leave for the subsequent 2 months of summer along with her. solely a four-hour trip stood between our living accommodations within the capital and my grandmother’s cabin;

very little did she grasp, my poor mother, that this trip would amendment the means she felt regarding road visits. Or children’s

If you haven’t guessed it yet, that was the day I decided to try all my premature skills. I wanted to test the strength of my legs, so I kept jumping in the backseat.

I wondered if I could be a soprano when I grew up, so I screamed. I wasn’t convinced that an apple a day would keep a doctor away, so I decided to throw it away;

at the head of my doctor-mummy. What she did? She tried to drive with one hand while stopping with the other. This is not functional. And just when I was ready to jump into the front seat … she started crying. TRAVEL SAFELY

“That was in the eighties,” most of you should think. Without mandatory seats for children, without DVD players on the back of the front seats, short trips are long because the maximum speed of the cars is 50 mph … Yes, of course.

The technology could have achieved miracles, but it is not yet the one that makes a baby stay calm during a long trip. So, as parents, are our road trips doomed to a woowoas and boohoos soundtrack?

1. Safety comes first

Everything has to be perfect in a baby’s world if you want him to be calm and happy. However, when it comes to road trips, it may be difficult to combine safety and comfort.

The first thing to do is choose a child seat suitable for your age and height that is also comfortable. Your toddler will spend the next hours of his immobilized life; Would you behave if you had recently discovered that you can use your feet to jump and run? I do not think so. TRAVEL SAFELY

2. It is never too late

It’s your trip You have no buses to take, there are no trains to miss. You may like the idea of ​​leaving early in the morning and arriving at the beach later in the afternoon,

but think again; Do you really think you can wake up your baby, pack it, load it in the car, make it sit still in the backseat for hours and that your head doesn’t hurt at the end of the trip? Instead, try to continue with your sleep routine:

get out about thirty minutes before bedtime, drive in a relaxed way, without breaking or accelerating like a Formula 1 driver, keep the music down and, God willing, You will fall asleep!

3. Don’t worry about making him feel too comfortable

To start, make sure your child is not too hot or too cold during the trip. Use sunscreens for windows to avoid getting in a bad mood,

but also to protect it from dangerous UV rays. If you still wear diapers, get organized; You can bring your portable pad to change diapers and if your diaper needs changing, do it as soon as possible. TRAVEL SAFELY

Be prepared to make some stops: this will help disable it, and a little stretching can also benefit you! Feed it as you normally would and keep it hydrated. The fact that you can make a four-hour trip without eating does not mean that your baby can also do it.

4. Start talking

I admit it; When I drive alone on the highway for hours, I feel like complaining to someone about my boring and lonely journey.

It’s just that there is no one with me. Well, your baby has to complain and, rest assured that he will. Babies need to hear a familiar voice and see a familiar face (usually their mother’s) to feel safe, which is why during a road trip, when they can only see their backs, they tend to get restless.

Talk to him in that calm voice that assures you that the world is a safe place to live. Or use that funny voice that makes you laugh every time. If you have already started talking, tell him a story (or make up one!) Or start a conversation with him.

There are so many interesting topics that you can discuss with him; “What does that cloud remind you of?”, “The cow is leaving …?” … you get an idea.

5. Play again and again

It is widely admitted that there is no adequate road trip without a soundtrack. Well, the days of traveling “Like a Rolling Stone” listening to Iggy’s “Passenger” belong to the past since a new passenger was added to the car. TRAVEL SAFELY

Listen to your favorite music while driving and sing! You can try some new songs if you want and see if they get your attention. However, don’t turn your car into a nightclub; Keep the volume at a normal level.

6. Bring your best friends too

Diamonds are girls ‘best friends and toys are boys’. If it is a baby, the best solution is to use a baby activity center (you can find a variety in stores) and attach it to your seat.

If you are a small child, bring your “gang” on the trip and encourage him to play with them as soon as he starts to get in a bad mood.

They can work together on stages like “what is Teddy going to buy at the supermarket?” or “what happened to Mr. Tickles at the dentist?” … If there are other people traveling with you, ask them to play with him. You just enjoy your ride TRAVEL SAFELY


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