Travel Word Like a blogger

One of the advantages of a travel blogger is that we are able to currently build a free trip.

Many people begin a web log for an equivalent reason. WHO doesn’t desire a free trip in exchange for writing reviews? It’s Associate in nourishing absolute dream.

But obtaining free journeys from blogging isn’t as straightforward as shopping for a site, posting a number of your travel snapshots and seeing free travel offers. If it absolutely was really easy and straightforward, everybody would really like to try and do it.

It prices even a great deal of effort, a great deal quite most of the people expect once they begin blogging. this can be what happened to American state.

I received my initial supply of free stuff when precisely one year of blogging. I place a great deal of effort into this initial year, as well as three web log posts per week. Eventually, I managed to make a good web log that received concerning ten thousand hits per month and had concerning an equivalent range of followers on social networks.

I traveled to Portland in July 2015 and contacted the native agency to envision my visit. They provided American state with a welcome pack with a pass for native attractions, that I then changed for twenty-nine American dollar for a visit.

It doesn’t seem to be abundant, however I used to be excited that my web log year has resulted in free activities! Over future twelve months, I had Associate in four-night shelter at a hotel in one of the most famous and oldest city of America, yes its Boston and the other of Canada that’s Montreal, and a three-day press trip to Providence. The ball began to roll.

My third year of blogging clad to be even a lot of fruitful. I won an area on a five-day press trip to Finland, two nights in a very hostel in Chicago, Associate with eight-day press trip to London and Hull and a four-day press trip to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

I have solely been half-dozen months into my fourth year of blogs; however, I even have already received four nights of combined accommodation in la and Canberra, and a tourer cruise on the Australian state ground. Pretty sensible beginning, I think!

Getting free travel and travel edges through blogging is one amongst the happiest explanations that I will travel thus typically. Here is my complete guide to obtaining free travel as a travel blogger, as well as a presentation example to use once approaching brands!


Having a web site with prime quality content (blog posts, photos and alternative texts) is important at no cost travel via travel blogs. anytime you gift a complete, somebody from that company can visit your web site and value if you may retail it to you properly.

Your web log ought to be thought of as long content, with unforgettable photos (good!) And enticing titles. There ought to be as few orthography errors as achievable and your style ought to be nearly as good as achievable. Impress anyone with your perfectly superb content and also the patronage can continue.

The presentation of your content is additionally necessary. If your website has too several pop-ups, it takes time to load it, or if there are bunch of links and photos on your home page, brands cannot work with you. I bought a clean, minimalist theme for my web log that prices seventy-nine USD, and that I assume it absolutely was well worth the investment as a result of my style stands out from alternative bloggers WHO use an equivalent previous free theme.


Social networks are now play a vital role for travel bloggers. Brands can wish to understand that their product can reach a large audience, and following through social networks is that the darling thanks to live what proportion eye of your product can see.

I spent a great deal of your time increasing my followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn ‘and YouTube, however within the finish I spotted that my efforts had mature an excessive amount of on the various platforms.

Since I started that specialize in the straightforward growth of my Instagram account, it’s become a great deal easier to create a distinction in my influence on this explicit platform. Now, I even have a powerful range of followers and a high level of engagement on Instagram, and types are getting down to comprehend it.


A media kit is actually a document you send to brands and shows a large number of audiences your ways to many of brands so they can decide how many people can hear concerning your product by providing you with free stuff. You may look skilled by quoting your statistics.

There are many various versions of a media kit (that’s however my media kit for my Traveled Blogging appearance like), however generally it ought to contain the following:

A brief introduction to your web log and a profile image.

Demographics of your audience, like location and cohort.

Blog statistics like monthly visits to pages and distinctive guests

Social network statistics, as well as the quantity of combined subscribers and also the strongest platform

Brands with whom you worked and positive testimonials

The web address and your coordinates

A media kit could appear overwhelming compose, however it’s very not that difficult: Here are some media kit templates for bloggers that I found on artistic Market.


There are some opportunities that I even have offered completely free travel, however overall, I’m the sole company that launches a free trip.


Your presentation ought to be short and curt and convey all the knowledge the corporate needs to understand. I share my presentation example for travel blogger with you, use it as a general guide to create your own excellent presentation.

“Hello [name of person], I’m Sheena, a travel blogger in Sydney, Australia.

I attempt to visit [place] on [date] and that I am inquisitive about publication an area orientates my journal. [Company / brand] looks to be an honest choice for a feature, would you have {an interest} in an exchange of services? For all the activities within which I participate, I actively promote the corporate to travelers through my journal and my quite thirty-five thousand subscribers on social networks.

My blog, A here on Tiktokly Traveled, is for exciting peoples WHO wish to measure Associate in thrilling and adventurous lifetime of work and travel. Each month, the location receives concerning [number of page views] of

[number of distinctive visitors]

. Previously, I worked with travel brands like

[list markers]

. I need to feature [company / brand] to my list!

You can realize additional statistics and testimonials in my hooked-up media kit. I hope to listen to from you presently.

I realize it’s ample easier to launch free travel currently as a travel blogger than in my first few years of blogging. Corporations typically see mine blogs as additional reliable currently that I actually have expertise with several alternative travel brands.

If you’ve got not worked with brands before, you need to fake that you just have succeeded. have you ever visited an edifice or created each day trip wherever you then announce an opinion on your journal and / or social networks? try and incorporate these brands in your presentation (and in your media kit) to convey the impression that you just have already worked with corporations.


If you’re attending to visit a selected destination, you’ll be able to directly gift hotels or travel brands. Once I recently visited the Tasmanian dry land in Tasmania, I sent curious thankful email to a corporation concerning obtaining two seats on their desert cruise in exchange for a promotion on my journal and social networks. They prefer to settle for it!

Be ready to receive rejection emails once introducing hotels and travel brands. Some corporations merely don’t feel snug with influence promoting, or they will be selective with the individuals they work with. Don’t take it as in person as they assert no, simply keep throwing additional marks till you succeed!


A little secret of this step is to concentrate to the brands with that alternative travel blogger work. If the complete has worked with travel blogger before, they’re in all probability able to make out once more.

Then I knew a way to send curious e-mail to the Hollywood edifice concerning my recent trip to most renowned city Los Angeles. I had seen another blogger compose them; thus, I knew they may keep hospitable operating with mine as well. They decided to remain two nights in exchange for a discuss my journal.


If you attend the web site of an agency (you will realize them by finding out terms like “Visit Melbourne” or “Tourism Australia” on Google), there’ll typically be a menu at the highest of the page or at very bottom footer of the page with a press section or media. These areas of traveller sites is terribly helpful for travel bloggers who wish to shop for things without charge.

Sometimes there’s info concerning press journeys or influence programs (see the Australian state traveller website as helpful example) and if not, there’s in all probability a media contact or a web type wherever you’ll be able to send them an area of interest email. E-mail. kindle influential opportunities they will have within the future, or if they supply support to influential guests.

This is the tactic I accustomed get my free attractions in Portland, my accommodation in Australian capital and my press trip to the UK!


Although I am not thus keen on using Facebook as a business tool, I actually have continually been an expert of using relevant Facebook groups related to travel and tourism. It is troublesome to seek out people whose area unit extremely helpful, however once you are doing, you’ll be able to get nice opportunities.


In the last month, I actually have seen three completely different press travel choices, some for international destinations, simply when the Facebook groups speaks about. try and realize teams of bloggers in your space (like the Australian Travel Bloggers cluster for my Australian counterparts) and be part of teams that appear relevant.


Personal networks are alarming; however, they will even be a helpful thanks to defend the correct individuals for future support.

Once it worked on behalf of me, it had been once I attended the New York Travel Show in 2018. I enjoyed time with representatives of travel agents and travel brands to examine if they were inquisitive about operating with influential individuals. once I stopped at the visit the land booth, they gave me a visiting card for his or her contact with the media. This culminated later in my press trip to Nassau!

Some choices for establishing contacts with individuals within the travel business area unit conferences like TBEX, travel exhibitions or events like Travel huge. Don’t attend these events with the agenda to force individuals to travel free: the most effective business relations are friendly and enjoyable!


It is important not solely to grasp however it works, however additionally to find out a way to get free things as a travel blogger. Corporations not solely provide their product or service without charge and expect nothing reciprocally. They even wish you to actively promote their corporation complete on your journal and social media channels.

It is very vital that you just compare yourself as knowledgeable after you request or receive a free travel blogger. Be clear concerning the advantages the business gets after you work with them and what you’ll be able to expect when your trip will occur.

It is additionally necessary to post a disclaimer in any publication that you have got received support. this can be not solely a legal demand; however, it additionally helps for your readers to trust you as an expert blogger.

One last thing: watch that you just don’t raise an excessive amount of. If you are a beginner as a blogger, of course, enkindle one thing as straightforward as some free attraction passes or an area on a walking tour, however don’t enkindle a five-night lodge in the edifice luxury hotel. It’ll solely be wastage of time. Keep it up guys!

Do you have questions on free travel as a travel blogger? Post them within the comments below and that I can do my best to answer!


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