I was lucky and got a bright new iPhone 11 pro the day it came out. Here are my 1st impressions of the most recent photography options of the iPhone 11 pro.

While most of the people queued up at the Apple Store in capital of Austria, I got mine from another native Apple distributer, while not the queue. Whereas individuals were still queuing to induce the new iPhone 11, I used to be already taking the primary sampling and orientating myself with the photography options of the iPhone 11 pro.

I was particularly curious however the new ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 11 compares to the instant Wide lens that I used to date. Also, I wished to check the iPhone’s night mode camera and therefore the off-frame shooting perform.

Keep in mind that you just can possibly update this post many times within the returning weeks as you gain additional expertise with the iPhone 11 from a photographic perspective. Connect on Twitter or Facebook, and it will not be lost after you update this post.

Let’s begin with the triple lense.

The iPhone 11 Professional Triple Lense

The new iPhone 11 professional comes with a triple lense compared to the twin lens configuration of the iPhone 11 (“non-professional”). You may notice the subsequent lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro:

• A new and moderate wide-angle lens with f / 2.4 aperture and a hundred- and twenty-degree field of view.

• A typical wide-angle lens with f / 1.4

• A 2x phone lens with f / 2.0 aperture.

Those numbers look amazing. Particularly the extremely wide-angle lens that covers a hundred- and twenty-degree field of sight sounds promising.

So, here are 2 series of sample photos that I took from constant place while not approaching or walking away with my feet. I did not edit those photos and that I did not cut them, therefore you’ll see the total frame.

From left to right, you may notice a photograph captured with the 2x zoom lens, the 1x wide lens and therefore the 0.5x immoderate wide-angle lens.

Isn’t the extremely wide-angle lens surprising? therefore what will that mean for the instant Wide Lens that I actually have used therefore far? Possibly, you not would like it. But, possibly, I’ll still use the instant Superfish and therefore the Moment telephone lens.

I already ordered the new Moment case for the iPhone 11 pro. And though I am not progressing to use Moment lenses the maximum amount as before, I would like a case with a wrist strap!

The Moment case for my iPhone 11 professional ought to arrive someday in October. As before long as I receive it, I’ll strive the instant Superfish and therefore the Moment pic Lens] and update this post.

In case you do not wish to miss the update, let’s connect on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll allow you to apprehend once I actually have posted my update on social media.

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Shoot Out of Frame

On the iPhone 11 pro, the iOS camera application encompasses a new feature referred to as shooting outside the frame. As of now, the feature is offered solely for the iOS camera application, and no third-party application has this feature (yet?). therefore, however will this feature work?

First, you need to change it within the camera settings:

• In Settings, hit Camera

• In Composition, change Capture photos outside the frame

Then, after you take a photograph with the zoom lens, the iPhone can mechanically take a photograph with the wide lens. Similarly, after you take an image with the wide-angle lens, the iPhone 11 can mechanically take an image with the extremely wide-angle lens.

You currently have thirty days to use that extra photograph. Once thirty days, that extra photograph are going to be deleted. To spot a photograph that encompasses a photo outside the frame, search for the icon within the higher right corner. The icon is barely visible if you see an outsized photograph. You may not see it within the thumbnail view.

This is however the capture works out of the frame once taking the photograph.

• Search for the shot outside the frame icon within the higher right corner of every photograph.

• If there, bit edit within the higher right corner to place the photograph in edit mode.

• Switch to crop on the lower toolbar

• Create a pinch gesture (moving 2 fingers together) over the photograph and suddenly you may see the larger image.

• Hit the yellow mark to use the widest photograph rather than the first.

As a final note, that solely works on the iPhone. This piece of editing feature is not in iPadOS thirteen.

I notice this feature quite helpful and that I ought to experiment a touch additional with it.

Finally, I attempted the night camera mode for iPhone.

iPhone Night Mode Camera

If you have got a brand-new iPhone 11, you may barely notice a new unique icon within the higher left corner of your camera screen if you’re attempting to capture an image in an exceedingly dim light environment.

This icon is for the iPhone night camera mode. During this mode, the iPhone can take many longer exposures and mix them in an exceedingly photograph with low noise and well-lit.

One issue I already detected is that the iPhone night camera mode is barely on the market for the quality wide lens. As before long as I switch to the immoderate wide angle 2x or 0.5x lens, it’ll disappear.

It additionally looks that the iPhone camera application detects if your iPhone is mounted on a stand (due to the motion sensors designed into the iPhone). If the iPhone 11 pro thinks it’s connected to a stand, you’ll set a way longer exposure time than after you use it by hand.

This is however this feature works:

If you see the night camera mode icon, touch it

Reckoning on the scene, you’ll set an extended exposure time within the lower toolbar. Throughout my tests, I used to be ready to set exposure time of not more than 0. 28 seconds

Currently hit the shutter and therefore the iPhone can capture many photos and mix them before your eyes. This implies that the photograph can step by step become brighter within the view finder.

Samples of photos to return.

See Full HDR

See Full HDR is the choice that you just will change / disable within the photograph application. If you have activated and see a photograph, you will notice that the screen suddenly changes.

This is the way Full HDR is all concerning. iPhone can change the screen to indicate the most effective attainable photograph.

While this feature is superb, I notice it troubling once I start editing my photos. With this feature enabled, it will be very much difficult to edit a photograph.

How long will the iPhone 11 professional battery last?

While I did not live the battery time per minute, I will say from the previous couple of days that the battery lasts longer. Once defrayment a day photographing and following a walk, I still had five hundredth left after I came home. That’s quite with the iPhone XS.


If you’re taking several photos with the iPhone, its undoubtedly value change the iPhone 11. The ultra-wide lens is just beautiful and permits you to capture rather more of a scene. If you furthermore might would like optical zoom lens, get the iPhone 11 professional.

I bet you recognize wherever to induce your iPhone 11. however simply just in case, you’ll get the iPhone 11 from Amazon and, of course, the iPhone 11 professional is additionally on the market on Amazon.


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