You must ask yourself how it can be? You may have read the informational / instructional label on the rechargeable batteries. Warns you that it contains toxic and heavy metals that can contaminate groundwater.

And the hybrid car’s battery is also rechargeable, weighs about 600 pounds and can be just as harmful as any other rechargeable battery. A worse example may be a situation in which if a hybrid car encounters an accident in addition to the city’s water supply, it will really create a devastating effect on its surroundings, isn’t it?

It is not necessary to explain what you would do with the battery in the future. In the future, in two decades, we will see large scrap yards full of hybrid cars with their batteries dripping heavy metals on the ground.

Many active supporters argue that these batteries will be recycled for the use of new cars, but the objective position is that currently hybrid cars are using nickel-metal hydride batteries, but in the future the use of these batteries will be abandoned and replaced with lithium ion batteries.

Maintaining a hybrid is only a fad, but in reality these are the ones that probably cause the most damage to the earth.

It is a well known reality that now our entire economy depends on cheap and fast transport. So what if there is a solution that can make our cars work without damaging our planet? Shouldn’t we explore its possibilities?

Hydrogen burning has been the subject of many conversations for years, since it only discharges steam into the air. But the negative aspect of hydrogen is that it is dangerous and cars that carry hydrogen tanks can be of major concern. So, to minimize the chances of any dangerous incident, an investigation is being done to make a thicker tank to transport hydrogen.

Basically this is a natural phenomenon. It would take you a century ago when cars were first invented as we know them. It was not a large manufacturing company or a railway company that diversified into Car Company.

Simply, these were inventors and small-scale machinists who did experiments and took vital measurements and are now known as brand-name car manufacturers today. Similarly, the Wright brothers simply owned a bicycle shop, but made strenuous efforts to attempt a successful flight. hydrogen conversion

The obvious reason why the big companies of those times and the giant manufacturers of today didn’t do it is because of “MONEY.” They have really invested large amounts for the development of current technologies and to create the necessary infrastructure for their support. In addition, their shareholders will not allow them to be kind enough in this regard.

We have a solution as simple as Mr. Diesel, Wright Brothers and Doge Brothers. Water contains fuel in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, the two chemical supports that together make the water and the chemical reaction of a fuel and oxygen result in “burns.”

If you separate hydrogen and oxygen from water, you get the fuel needed to run your car. Save you from technical jargon, I tell you there are several ways to do it. It is not simply a separation of hydrogen and oxygen, but the alteration of water in a gas that makes your car run. One of these gases is HHO,

while the other is Brown Gas. Up to this point, this knowledge is sufficient, but you can read the problems that have been explained in the guide “Run car with water” hydrogen conversion

Burning these two gases, that is, Brown Gas and HHO, is much healthier for the environment than simply burning hydrogen.

Deliberate on what I have explained above. Almost everything that burns requires oxygen. The result of burning hydrogen is that combination of oxygen and hydrogen and making water. Although not bad, but it is problematic in areas that are already low in oxygen.

The air has a 15% oxygen mixture. If this mixture reaches less than 5%, humans would begin to die. Few places in the world like Tokyo, Japan, have reached a mix of 6-7%, which is very low. But if we start using water as fuel with hydrogen extraction and create HHO or Brown Gas, the exhaust pipes of our cars will certainly emit only oxygen.

This is what I asked when I started looking for this technology. I heard unexpected and strange statements that with 0% gas and 100% water you can drive your car. After a thorough investigation, I discovered that these statements are true. You just have to fill your car’s tank with water to extract HHO or Brown Gas to work with water.

I looked around for Hydrogen Cat kits that help your car run on water, but they don’t claim to get it out of the gas permanently. This is a more acceptable option. I am quite aware of how cars work and what the emissions are.

Most people can know about catalytic converters, a small device in the car. It is installed in the car’s exhaust pipe and heats up very soon just because the car’s engine doesn’t really burn all the gas. Most of the gas discharge is toxic and half burned stew. hydrogen conversion

Hydrogen is highly flammable and allows the engine to burn gas completely when added to the air and fuel mixture. This results in greater efficiency of your engine and completely burned gas. This is beneficial for everyone, you and the environment.

hydrogen conversion

Of course, almost all cars can have this. Do not worry about diesel owners, they can still have vegetable oil as an alternative. Expensive commercially constructed kits are available, but buying a “Run Auto with Water” guide, getting parts from the nearby hardware store and assembling all the parts yourself is a better and cheaper option. hydrogen conversion

The guide along with the necessary parts would cost you less than $ 200 which saves up to $ 10 on each filling! I have no idea about you, but I talk about myself that it didn’t take me two months to get it and with the next vacation, I can recover all my expenses in just a few weeks!


We are in the process of spending a lot of time on the Internet, reviewing this technology, finding people who have involved this technology and looking for which ones work and which do not. For this purpose, we have bought some of these kits, we have installed and testified to them.

hydrogen conversion


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