Today we are witnessing the impact of the Internet, the impact of a truly global economy, the impact of the baby boomer’s generation and the impact of excessive government spending on our lives. This impact converges on the way we live, work, retire and play, creating a perfect storm for disaster. Unemployment rates are very high and are likely to remain high for a long period of time. The retirement plans of many workers have declined significantly. In addition, ironically, there are lawyers, doctors, stockbrokers and real estate developers who move away from their businesses and do not look back. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

How will the unemployed and baby boomers be back in the game? Why do those in the corporate workforce, with highly paid positions and benefits, leave their jobs? What these people have in common and where they are going, since it is clear that the old models no longer work.

If you are looking for a new approach to work, family and lifestyle, read this short article, as I will present a way to make money with an online business and show that Affiliate Marketing is becoming an important vehicle for people seeking self-employment, business ownership and financial independence in the 21st century. At the end of the article, you will understand that affiliate marketers are becoming the new professionals in the emerging business economy and that affiliate marketing is becoming the platform for success. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

A little over a decade ago, I was a partner of Deloitte, a consulting and accounting firm of Big 4, and was based in the San Francisco Bay area. I consulted with companies that were building and using the Internet; These include network equipment manufacturers, application software developers for networks and service providers and bandwidth. We develop webmail, VoIP, web-based videoconferencing and many more innovative products for consumers and businesses.

At the beginning of the century in 2000, I was a member of Deloitte and was recruited to a position of vice president in a startup company of B2B e-commerce software (Business-to-Business) in Silicon Valley. At Tradeum, then acquired by VerticalNet, we focus on developing and operating B2B e-commerce sites for businesses in more than 50 sectors and subsectors of different vertical markets.

What eBay was doing for the retail and consumer sector, we at Tradeum, then part of VerticalNet, did it for the industrial sector. We were transforming corporate purchases by creating incredible applications in the B2B Internet revolution. We felt like pioneers, opening roads in the commercial landscape as Internet Marketing and making money online, were in their infancy. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

On the retail side of e-commerce, eBay offered a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) solution that allowed people to quickly set up an online market and conduct an auction to sell individual family items or sell inventories of bankrupt company items.


Another new participant at the time in the Internet retail space was Amazon, which initially distributed books. They quickly expanded to other consumer items and after a few years, Amazon offered what they called an Affiliate Program; however, the term was used incorrectly and has created confusion.

Many of the distribution methods for a company, and its products, essentially create sales representatives. These sales representatives have no voice in the products they sell. Their companies give them a suitcase full of samples and tell them that they can keep a part of what they earn. They are essentially employees, even if their income depends entirely on their sales skills and commissions earned. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

Alternatively, there is an affiliate marketing method for a company to use as a way to distribute its products and services. A merchant can approach an Affiliate Network and offer to compensate the network based on the ability of the Affiliate Networks to deliver potential customers so that the merchant can close the sale and convert the potential customer into a paying customer. The Affiliate Network brings together a group of Affiliate Marketers that promote the products and services offered by the network. Once a sale occurs, the merchant pays a commission to the Affiliate Network that pays, an agreed amount, to the Affiliate Marketer that generated the lead.

As a result of this distribution model, affiliate marketers are really entrepreneurs. They choose what products they promote. They provide intellectual capital that encompasses knowledge, information and education about the products that affiliates promote. They build their own community of followers, who are like people of mentality interested in the products that the affiliate promotes. They use hypnotic writing to persuade people to take the measures that members want them to take, such as providing contact information such as name and email address, conducting a survey, testing the product or making a purchase. The affiliate earns a commission for leading people to take the action that members want them to take. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

Affiliate Marketers choose a group of items to promote from Affiliate Networks. As an incentive for the affiliate, some providers and affiliate networks provide exclusive agreements, such as the best price or the best terms and conditions for service plans, to affiliate marketers. Frequently, the best incentives, search fees and commission plans are only available to affiliates.

Since the Internet has changed everything, customers are becoming much more demanding as the power has passed from the seller to the buyer. Suppliers of goods and services are using Affiliate Marketers as another channel, to reach customers, as the Affiliate Marketer will often meet the information and consultation needs of demanding buyers who will only buy from a reliable advisor and will not buy from Big chains or big box stores.

These affiliated sellers are independent business owners. These affiliated vendors distribute intellectual capital and are among the new faces of the next great profession that use relational marketing and consultative sales techniques. AFFILIATE MARKETERS

This new profession is attracting current and former doctors, CEOs and other members of the corporate workforce who are looking for a way to leave their established and lucrative careers. They are looking for new opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry to be able to generate income, prestige, independence and financial rewards that exceed the levels obtained by the majority in their previous careers.

I hope you enjoyed the article and welcome to the future. It is YOUR future and to take you inside. AFFILIATE MARKETERS


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