The process of converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into water and carbon dioxide to provide energy for the body is called the Krebs cycle.

This is a physiological process of life specificity for each cell, but many do not know it. It is an important function of each cell. In response to severe inflammation, Mitochondria, which are the ‘power’ of the cell, cannot produce energy due to the accumulation of nitric acid in the body.

Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) is combined with Nitric Acid Nitrogen and directs it out of the body, thereby reducing its toxicity. Therefore AKG helps the megonia to produce energy that results in a higher energy level.

This is just one of the many benefits of the AKG. To learn more about other benefits and how I can help increase AKG levels in the body, Read on:

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  • AKG prevents cataracts in Diabetics. Loss of vision in diabetics occurs When glucose molecules bind to Protein. This process cannot take place in the existence of AKG.
  • vigorous activity produces plasma ammonia and blood lactates, so athletes feel tired and tired. AKG supplements help reduce the production of such substances and allow athletes to obtain short-range athletic Jets, such as pharynx faster. as well as high jumps.
  • Chronic fatigue is really a health disorder and not a normal occurrence. One of the main causes of chronic fatigue is the depletion of mitochondrial function. Taking AKG Not only facilitates direct energy production, but it also improves the function of mitochondria to provide energy. Therefore, it makes more energy available to the individual.
  • Cycle Krebs is a process that requires a lot of energy. Therefore, it cannot be done when the body has little Energy. This means that if Energy is not available through the Krebs citation, the Body should not first have a specified amount of energy. . This Energy Is Provided By Agg. Supplements, And Nitric Acid Elimination That Inhibits and Increases The Oxygen Holding Capacity Of Micronutrients, Resulting In The Production Of Energy. This newly produced Energy feeds on the Krebs cyclin, which in turn produces much more energy and more AKG. Well we can say that the full-size AKG helps the natural production of the AKG.
  • Diabetics, who have been prescribed insulin therapy, benefit greatly from AKG. Insulin Helps cells use glucose to produce energy, and AKG improves insulin function. Therefore, diabetics can maintain their sugar levels by taking less insulin. Many external insulin can cause MD compliments that lead to high blood pressure or hypoglycemia.
  • AKG Prevents protein binding, Papa Causes compliments of health and aging of the body. Protein binding is carried out on people with high levels of blood sugar and carbohydrate-prescribed diets. Protein binding occurs When sugar molecules combine with the proteins required by the body, making them inactive and ineffective for the body.
  • Certain diseases affect the heart. AKG Allows the heart muscle to produce enough energy to maintain the pressure exerted by such failure, Avoiding Additional Supplements.
  • AKG helps the heart to withstand the pressures of aggive sports, the ability of the heart to function and improves athletic performance.
  • Overuse of muscle causes the accumulation of lactic acid in them, which causes burning sensation and discomfort. AKG also reduces the production of Lactic Acid, which reduces disturbance and aids in muscle repair.
  • In addition to its ability to increase energy, AKG also helps in the release of toxic substances from the body. Toxic substances such as ammonia, if allowed to exist freely in the system, produce adverse effects. Physics bass tension and chronic fatigue increase ammonia levels. Ammonia Prevents the ability of micronutrients to produce AKG. To avoid such a situation, AKG should be taken as an adjunct. AKG supplements combine with Ammonia to help detoxify the tissues. This Increases the production of agg, E daddy on the other hand helps to reduce the energy needed for the E Krebs cycle. This means that in order to get the natural output of energy that energy (daddy Required for Krebs cyclin), ‘we need to take supplements AKG. Then, As mentioned earlier, complete AKG assists natural production of AKG.
  • AKG helps in the functioning of the liver. The liver works hard to convert fat-soluble toxins into soluble forms and excretes them through urine and bile. AKG relieves this pressure on my liver.
  • AKG counteracts the formation of cationic n’sy. Cataracts are formed by changes in the crystalline structure of lenses. It also corrects problems related to the impossibility of traveling.
  • In addition to the full list of benefits mentioned above, AKG fights free radicals as it is an antioxidant. Therefore, AKG Supplements have a variety of uses to help solve various health problems.

Recently, the University of Queensland conducted a study demonstrating the benefits of acyclic supplements to cyclists compared to conventional amino acids. In one day, cyclists were given four quarts of watermelon containing amino acids and bitten by a cycle until they were over.

At a later date, ‘cyclists were forced to do the same’, but this time using AKG Add-ons. It was found that there was a noticeable improvement in their performance from 6 to 8%, which is quite substantial in relation to sports.

AKG supplements come in the form of capsules to be taken before meals. Initially, one capsule of 1 gm taken once a day should be sufficient. The dose can be gradually increased to 2 capsules taken three times daily for two weeks.

The capsules should be taken as prescribed, otherwise they may not give the desired result. Having achieved the desired result, the dose can be reduced to one capsule or three times a day.

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It is known that AKG supplements are generally safe and do not produce harmful side effects. The slightest dissatisfaction with the result of receiving how much AKG should be reported to the physician.


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